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Australian v Mexican

We went to a Walkabout pub in Covent Garden to celebrate David’s birthday. As mum went in the door, the doorman shouted at her to come back, that she couldn’t take a dog in. Mum pointed out I’m a Hearing Dog and they are breaking the law by refusing us access. He said he was phoning his manager and was really nasty and aggressive to mum. Mum tried to explain that she doesn’t need permission but he wouldn’t listen and started shouting at mum. The horrible man. The manager said it is ok for me to go in. Mum said ‘Are you sure?’ and the doorman started shouting again. Mum took no notice and went inside. David couldn’t believe how aggressive this excuse for a hooman being was. We totally hated that pub. The music was too loud, it was packed and I got stepped on, and they don’t even have hoomans on the door.

We made a good start to David’s party and went to Wahaca afterwards, a Mexican restaurant. There were no access problems there at all. A waiter even asked if I wanted a bowl of water – and I got some chicken too! (Mum, I *definitely* want to come back here!)

Of course, I got lots of pats and fuss from people on the train home. None of them were doormen 🙂


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