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I got smacked today. For the first time ever.

Mum took me to Strada for lunch. She had risotto and Phil had pizza and everything smelled so delicious, I kept stabbing her in the leg and making eyes at Phil. Well, I wanted a taste too. Even mum loved the food, and she’s so fussy. And mum had forgotten to give me breakfast this morning as we left the house in such a hurry. I was soooo hungry.

When we got back to the office I got my breakfast then I had a nap. Gina had brought in some sticky home-made brownies as today was her last day, she’s off to a posh firm called McKinsey. Mum said I couldn’t have a brownie even though I begged, tried to sniff the plate and wagged my tail hard. At 5pm, mum joined in with the farewell drinks in the kitchen. So I took the opportunity to have a good nose around all the offices.

In Gina’s office, I found a huge bag of dried apricots in her bag and ripped it open. Mum found me in the corridor, working my way through the sticky apricots. She grabbed me by the collar and took the apricots off me, and apologised to Gina, she was really embarrassed. I wandered off again. Mum came to look for me and found I had emptied Martin’s bin and Hurmine’s bin. She sent me to bed *sulks*

We got home and mum gave me my dinner. She poured herself a glass of wine and got out a large chocolate chip cookie, and put them on the coffee table. She nipped to the bathroom and came back to find the cookie gone, crumbs everywhere … and I was still chewing so she knew it was me. So I got smacked.


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