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Run Darren Run!

Darren is running for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, in the London Marathon. He has promised he will run all 26 miles of it!

Please sponsor him online for a really great cause.

(Mum – Smudge has totally changed me as a person and he has changed my life for the better. He’s worth his weight in gold and I wouldn’t be without him. Thanks for your support Darren! I think those large pre-Marathon beers might have to go, though!)

Well Darren, I want to know if you’ve started training yet?!

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Friendly and friendlier…

Mum has discovered dogs are like people. Some are nice, some are not so nice. I’m super friendly and make new friends every day, one of the reasons mum set up this blog. On the way to/from work, I like to lick everybody’s hands and will occasionally cuddle up to someone I really like. Nobody seems to mind a friendly dog.

One day I got some friendly attention back from a fellow commuter, who patted his leg. Mum warned him not to do that. What did he do? Ignore her. He leaned forward, patted his leg again, and I jumped up onto his lap, smacking into his face in the process and bloodying his nose. Oops. Mum didn’t know where to look.

On average, in the UK per year:

488 people are injured by zips;
3,078 people are injured by slippers;
315 people are injured by photo frames;
and 70,000 are injured by dogs.

Here’s another sweetie, although not of the nose-bloodying kind 🙂

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I spent the weekend recuperating in Sussex at the seaside. No bucket and spade needed – just a tennis ball. The waves were rough and I almost got swept off my paws! By the time we had to return to London, I felt a lot better and was much more lively. Back to normal, then! 🙂

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Mum discovered a lump on my back and I was duly booked in for a lump removal at my lovely local vet’s surgery. It turned out to be a lipoma (fatty lump) so I’m ok. More cuddles please.
(Mum – He’s very subdued, but he has been given a nice dinner of rice and scrambled egg, and is having lots of cuddles and rest. Oh boy, did we get a lot of strange looks on the way home from the surgery though!)

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Doesn’t this dog look so SAD? Have to say, I don’t do hair styles! My coat gets so curly in the rain, I look like I’ve had a perm. No further embellishment needed 🙂

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Designer gear

Some of the dogs in my local park are REAL fashionistas. Stripey sweaters, T-shirts, poncey jackets, one dog even had a Superman jumpsuit – puts me to shame really! I suspect most of the local dogs are dressed by our local boutique – no worries about me wanting to wear something mum might consider inappropriate heh heh – she always has to bodily drag me away from the sweet counter – I’m so greedy!

I have three items in my ever expanding wardrobe (all adjustable for expanding waistlines, of course!);

1) red lifejacket
2) burgundy working uniform
3) yellow knitted waistcoat (photo coming soon)

Why the yellow one? I like to lie in wait at the bottom of the stairs in the office, and I blend in with the dark carpet.
(Mum – it’s only a matter of time before some poor soul goes flying and smacks into the wall opposite!)

The burgundy jacket is a regulation uniform provided by Hearing Dogs. This is an essential item in my wardrobe, as I am an assistance dog, and this coat gives me the official recognition required to allow me access into public places where dogs would normally not be allowed. The coat has a ADUK logo on it which is common to all assistance dog coats, which are otherwise differentiated by colour and lettering.

There are six kinds of assistance dogs in the UK;
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Dogs for the Disabled
Support Dogs
Canine Partners
Dual Purpose Guide and Hearing Dogs

Spot the last one? Hearing Dogs and Guide Dogs have, to date, trained seven dogs to work for people who are both deaf and blind.

So if you see a dog in a shop or restaurant, please check its’ coat for the ADUK logo before assuming it’s a well dressed pet.

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The white stuff

It hasn’t snowed in London for a few years, so I had great fun rolling around in the white stuff this morning, getting lumps of snow in my long ears and beard. The best bit was checking out all the footprints. Lucky mum, she got to carry a soggy dog down the escalators to the underground.
(mum says – Pfftt!)

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Meet Smudge

Smudge, one year old

I know. Ahhhhh. What a beautiful dog. I’m a cocker poo, cocker spaniel and poodle cross. And I’ve got Tina for my mum….. she grew up totally scared of dogs! Meeting me has changed her attitude 🙂

(Mum says – If Smudge was human, he’d be forever regaling the pub regulars with his tall ‘tails’ and funny stories, nipping off for a quick sail down the coast and a dip in the sea. This dog LOVES the water, can’t get him out! He’s even got his own lifejacket heh heh. At the seaside, I have to wade into the water to drag him out)

Here I model my swanky lifejacket, just for you.

But mum, where's the water?

I’m a type of assistance dog called a Hearing Dog, I’m trained to tell mum about lots of sounds around the office and home as she’s profoundly deaf. I tell her when the phone rings, or there’s someone at the door (or not! hehehe), and lots of other sounds, and I get rewarded with a biscuit for doing this. I’m really clever.

(Mum – A bit too clever! He has sussed out that he can blag it and maybe still get his biscuit, he can get really excited – there’s someone at the door mum, hurry up! quick! let’s go! c’mon! – I open the door, and there’s no one there……and it’s 3am. (‘Biscuit, mum?’ with such an innocent look) Hmmmmm. Smartass.)

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