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Happy Easter

Just popping by to wish everyone a Happy Easter. This is how you beg for chocolate – big appealing eyes, keep up eye contact to ensure full attention, and most importantly, wag that tail!

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Mum and her colleagues have a new name for me.


Hmm. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

This morning mum was laughing as she arrived at work and she told Kathy why. We had been awake since 4am and so we were a bit tired on the tube on the way to the office. I decided to turn the charm on full blast. I licked every passenger’s hand, foot, and leg if it was showing. I rubbed against their legs. I looked at them with my big eyes. I swished my tail back and forth in big sweeping waves. I snuck under people’s elbows and knees for a pat on the head. I didn’t leave anyone out. Everyone was smiling at me and at mum. It makes for a good change from sitting pretending everyone else doesn’t exist.

*big grin*

It’s easy to get attention when you know how. Just turn on the charm and talk with your eyes.

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