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It’s Halloween!

I was walking home with mum and all sorts of fireworks were banging away around us. As usual, I didn’t let them bother me. Even though I’m a super-sensitive Hearing Dog and the bangs upset an awful lot of us. Oh I’m soooo laid back.

Then I saw it. A dog was dressed up for Halloween. He was dressed as a spider with all these legs sticking out everywhere. He had far too many legs in my opinion! I was so scared I ran away. Mum was laughing her head off.

I wasn’t. I was glad to get home and have my yummy dinner.


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House of Canapes

Mum took me to the House of Canapes last night after work.

(mum) – It’s really called the House of Commons!

It was really exciting. Mum had her bag searched by security and got a body search. Thank goodness, they didn’t body search me as well. We went upstairs to the MacMillan room (all the rooms were named after politicians) and mum started working the crowd. They were talking about new phone technology for deaf people. There were speeches and lots of clapping. Best of all was the constant trays of food going around the room. I was sooo hungry. I kept jumping up as the waiters walked past, hoping to snatch a bit. But no luck!

Lots of people said how cute I was. I spotted William from the BBC with his big video camera, pulling silly faces at me! Mum, will I get on TV this time? And Jamie was taking pictures of me! I’m gonna be famous! I love hogging the limelight! I didn’t stop wagging my tail all night.

As we left, we got a nice picture of Big Ben. It looks much better at night, don’t you think?


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