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Smart ass

A friend tells…..

My dog Merrill seems to alert me alot when it’s just about suppertime for the cat and her ..she pats my leg and leads me to their bowls and of course the cat is already there waiting ……….smart ?you bet you knew they could also tell time !!!

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A non-profit organisation in the USA called Helping Hands trains monkeys to help people with paralysis from the neck down (quadriplegics) and severe mobility impairments. This has made mum think, can monkeys be trained to help deaf people, in the same way that a Hearing Dog does?

Why are monkeys being trained? Monkeys use their hands to accomplish tasks that I can’t. They are more useful and also more expensive at US$35,000 per monkey placement, compared to the cost of lovely me at GBP£5,000 (US$10,000). However, monkeys live 30-40 years which is a looooong time.

There are over 200,000 people in the USA who have become paralyzed as a result of a spinal cord injury, with an additional 12,000-15,000 new injuries occurring each year. Most people are between the ages of 16-26 at the time of their injury. The figures in the UK are obviously much smaller, but surely there must still be a need for additional support such as monkeys? It is possible to adopt capuchin monkeys in the UK.

Mum thinks training monkeys is an amazing idea. What she would like to know is, are public places in the USA geared up for access for these monkeys? Do monkey recipients have more access problems than Hearing Dog / Seeing Dog recipients? Why aren’t they trained and placed in the UK?

Lack of funds ………. again?!

Oh…… and mum says, there is NO WAY she would replace me with anybody, not even a monkey!

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Sunday is for snoozing

Sunday is definitely for snoozing. Last chance for a lie-in before it’s back to work on Monday!


I’m dreaming about those delicious gravy biscuits……….

oh mum, I’m being chased by a fox, hold my paw please!

I’m really really tired but hey I’m glad you’re next to me, mum…….

(sigh) back to sleep…… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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