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Totally pawed off

I started licking my paw on Sunday and couldn’t stop. It was really sore. Today I couldn’t put any weight on my leg so mum left me at home to be all loved up by Kristel, who wasn’t very well herself. So we felt sorry for each other and gave each other lots of healing love and cuddles. Mum was in boring Canary Wharf all day. It’s so grey there, no nice parks or trees.

When mum got home, she and Chris took me to the doggy doctor, who said she couldn’t find anything wrong. She had the audacity to shave off my beautiful coat, thank goodness she only did a bit of my paw but she did the sore bit. I was struggling but Chris held me tight. Doc said my paw looks really red and swollen, the skin looks nasty, she thinks I have an infection and might have got a small grass seed in there somewhere. She gave mum lots of tablets for me and a huge noisy plastic thing.

When we got home, out came the chocolate drops. Chris held me and mum cleaned my paw with antiseptic from Doc, Kristel kept feeding me chocolate, then mum wrapped that huge piece of plastic around my neck! I can’t move anywhere! I keep bumping into things and I feel and look really stupid. Mum took me for a walk but I just stood there. I’m not going anywhere when I look as stupid as this! In the end, she took me into the garden, took the plastic off and made sure I walked around the garden and did my business. Then we went back inside and I got the plastic back on again. I don’t feel like a dog anymore and I’m pawed off with the whole wide world. But I’m getting another day off work tomorrow, which is good news!


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Dog leads

Mum saw this news article and thought it very strange behaviour for hoomans.

Is this why I’m not allowed onto buses sometimes? That I might be a danger to other passengers? That’s a laff.

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