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Lovely day

When I wake up in the morning, love
And the sunlight hurts my eyes
And something without warning, love
Bears heavy on my mind

Then I look at you
And the world’s alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it’s gonna be
A lovely day

When the day that lies ahead of me
Seems impossible to face
When someone else instead of me
Always seems to know the way

Then I look at you
And the world’s alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it’s gonna be
A lovely day…..

(Bill Withers)

Did you know, dogs get depressed too. Mum is always saying how happy I am. It’s just my sunny nature.

Doctors in the north of England are prescribing dogs to people who are depressed, I can understand why! Just think of a dog as an exercise machine with fur. A deaf person can become depressed as deafness is very isolating, especially if they are trying to fit into a hearing world and don’t have support from others and a support network of other deaf people.

Before mum had me, she said people wouldn’t talk to her, and she couldn’t join in conversations because she couldn’t hear them. But I’ve changed all that. My nickname is ‘Automatic Crowd Puller’ and mum always has to make more time for journeys as she knows we will stop and talk to someone. She thinks it’s great. Mum’s male friends love taking me for walks, so they can chat to some girls (me too!). There’s such a great bond between me and my mum, she says she can’t even have a bad day when I’m around. So, let me see, that means she hasn’t had a bad day for over six years…..

Love my mum soooo much! 🙂

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as I see it….. and as mum did earlier today, after a few hours in the pub hehehe

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London Marathon 2007

How exciting, it’s a beautiful sunny day and mum took me to see the start of the race. We looked for Darren but couldn’t find him.

There were so many runners! Lots of them had great costumes, we saw two men dressed as trees (yaayyyyy!) and one man dressed as a bear (mum says it’s called Chewbacca).

Mum loved the hot air balloons. They were pretty big!

Darren texted mum after the race, to say he was exhausted and did the race in 5 1/2 hours. He says – never again! Well done Darren and THANK YOU!

Darren poses with my sister Scotch – I was still in bed, hehe!

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We went to Deaf Day at the City Lit, and met lots of old friends. I met up with Barney and we had a good old chinwag about our mums.

Then I got to have a cuddle with my friend Peter. He knew I was after his ginger biscuit and tried to hide it from me, but I could still smell it. Mmmmmmmm….

(mum – I should’ve found a volunteer to hold his nose as well!)

Then I got told off when mum found me with my nose inside this box of cookies……ooops!

At the Hearing Dogs workshop, Rob gave a funny talk about living with my sister Scotch. He told of how Scotch helps him to pull all the girls hehehe! It was a very long day but we enjoyed it – there was too much to see and too many friends to say hello to!

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Top dog

Looking like a dog used to be a bad thing. Not anymore.

Pooch parlours are opening up all over town, offering the best in pooch maintenance to turn any tramp into a stylish Sir or Madam. Mobile dog groomers are able to come and visit you in your home, to give your pooch a pampering treatment that mum would be jealous of.

Diet-conscious pooches need sniff no further than Pugs and Kisses which offers doggy cuisine. Doggy donuts, apple pie, chicken, fish…..I could go on and on!

If pooch gets a spare tyre, he will need to work it off. There are plenty of dog walkers where your pooch can meet and greet some of London’s most social pooches (like me, hehehe).

Top dogs like to look chic when out and about in the city. For the latest in designer clothing, there are lots of boutiques to choose from.

After all this excitement, your pooch will need some shut-eye. Check into the Draycott Hotel in Chelsea or the Langham – there are plenty of other pet-friendly hotels in the city so there’s lots of choice. Try The Cadogan Hotel and ask for the Posh Pooches Package. You and your pooch will get a suite complete with a luxury pooch bed, a silver bowl of mineral water and a supply of organic dog biscuits. After breakfast, grooming and walking can be arranged.

The only drawback to such indulgence? The next time you and the pooch are out and you hear a few wolf whistles, they may not be for you.

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We set off in the car to Greenwich Park which is in south-east London. I was so excited, mum let me hang my chin out of the window so the breeze would cool my ears. Lovely.

Mum picked up a friend on the way, so when she stopped, I hopped into the driver’s seat. Yeehaa! Look, I’m driving!

There was lots of traffic, as there usually is on a Sunday. We eventually found a parking space and we walked along Blackheath Avenue, where I made some more friends.

At the end of Blackheath Avenue, next to the Royal Observatory, there is a great view of London. In the front is the Queen’s House, then the University of Greenwich, and the towers of Canary Wharf behind.

Never mind that – I had a fantastic time chasing my ball down the hill from the General James Wolfe statue!

After all that exercise with the ball, I needed a drink. Badly. So badly, that I did my usual, climbing into the drinking bowls instead of being a proper gent and taking sips. Sorry, mum!

Almost home, but I was so knackered, I just wanted to lie down. After another play with the ball, of course. I’m making the most of it before it’s back to work again on Monday!

When we got home, mum gave me a bubble bath. I’ve got a big bottle of banana and mango shampoo.

I feel better after that bath, I’ve cooled down. Thanks mum!

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Gill’s Hearing Dog is Harvey and they both work in an office…

Gill says…

Harvey alerted me to the tea trolley’s arrival in work today – as he is meant to do. However as I was paying for my cuppa he stole a cheese roll and promptly ate it! Everyone was laughing to bits at him but I felt so embarrassed! Even worse was that I did not have enough money on me to pay for it! Oh well another one to chalk up to experience. A bit later on he took an apple core from a litter bin and thoroughly enjoyed it, and then he started on a banana skin which he soon spat out. And yes I do feed him!

Hey I can empathise with Harvey. I LOVE my food. Ive got pots all over the house for chocolate drops, for when I do my sound work. This is my favourite one as it’s the biggest and has a fantastic variety of chews and biscuits in it. I never know what I’ll get next.

My other big pot is next to mum’s phone, so I can remember where to take her when her phone rings.

Mum is always telling me not to lick the pavement. Drat. I love all the smells and tastes. It’s so exciting. Last night we went to the pub, so we got home late, and I had my dinner later than usual. I was so hungry that I gobbled it down. Then I was sick on the lounge carpet. So, mum sat me down today and told me some scary stories about food…

Why is bread white – because of something called ‘chalk’. They dig it out of the hillside at Beverley, grind it up and deliver it to the flour millers, who add it to whiten the flour and fortify it with calcium. There’s a drink called Calfresh, it was orange juice with crushed chalk added to strengthen kids’ bones. Errghhh.

The Japanese dress their rice with talcum powder…hence the high rate of stomach cancer there. Talcum powder is carcinogenic. I asked mum what ‘carcinogenic’ means. She said it means it causes cancer. And breathing in talcum powder causes lung cancer.

I love potatoes. Mum said they soak potatoes in caustic soda, which eats the skin and any muck away, then they wash them, can them, or slice and fry them for crisps. The resulting caustic sludge is then poured away, but because its pH factor is way off the scale they add sulphuric acid to balance it. Errghhh, muuuumm!

And as for lifting potatoes in the fields… the greenery gets in the way of the machines so they spray the fields with sulphuric acid to burn the greenery away. Two or three days later the machines can lift the potatoes, and the burnt greenery just drops away or crumbles. Nice one mum!

How do they cook meat? They inject steam into it so it cooks faster, and the meat retains a lot of moisture, so bought cooked meat is anything up to 20% added water. It’s sold at the same price as cooked meat.

Transport drivers used to carry lard, in bulk liquid from the rendering factories. One day one driver succeeded in running over the guard dog at the gate…upset, he went and found the foreman who did nothing more than unclip the chain from the corpse, and heaved the corpse in with the animal carcasses for rendering. So next time you buy lard, think alsatian….

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Thought for Easter

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.”
(Milan Kundera)

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Doggy look-a-likes

Do dogs and their mums/dads look alike? If you think you do, why not enter the competition!

Do I look like mammy? Mmmmm…. a wee bit! Let’s see now……

My eyes are brown and hers are blue. Different.

We’ve both got teeth. Look.

Legs? I’ve got four. She’s only got two. But then she’s got two arms as well, so I guess that counts as four legs. Right? I’ve got claws, and mammy has these things called ‘fingernails’.

We’ve both got ears. Mine are long and soft, they work better than hers too, so I always lend her mine 🙂
We both have dark hair, which goes curly in the rain.

Oh MY! How does mammy manage without a tail?!

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