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Happy Barkday mum xxxx

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Mum spoke to my sister’s dad today. He’s off to Hong Kong tomorrow for a holiday. I want to go too!


(mum – I’ll show you his postcard, that’s almost as good!)

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I woke up bleary eyed on Saturday and mum took me to the dog parlour to get my fringe cut. It was so long and I *did* look a bit scruffy, don’t you think?


I LOVE coming here! I get a “lovely” (not!) scrub and shampoo, and lots and lots of cuddles which make up for all the pampering I have to put up with. They give me biscuits too but shhhh! don’t tell mum. When mum picked me up, she said I smelled like baby powder. I was so excited to see mum again that I almost forgot to say byebye to the lovely lots-of-cuddles-Sarah ….


Sarah put a matching bow on my collar as well – don’t I look the bees knees!


Mum and I spent the afternoon chilling out in the pub. Afterwards, we went for a stagger through Broadgate Circle which is in the city centre. It’s an outdoor ice rink in winter and there are lots of interesting things like sculptures here. Well, interesting to mum, not very interesting to me, unless I can pretend they are funny-looking trees.


We saw one called Bellerophon Taming Pegasus by Jacques Lipchitz. It was designed in 1966. I listened to mum tell the story …. (mum – a small human-like figure tussles with a large Pegasus in it’s death throes – Pegasus’s wings are formed to resemble human hands. Bellerophon was a Greek hero who tamed and rode the winged horse Pegasus.) Ooooohhhhh. Now that’s a big dog.


We walked on and came to this really cool sculpture, lots of legs to pee against! These life size figures are called ‘Rush Hour’ by George Segal. I was disappointed to find they have no interesting smells….

rush hour

We walked around the ice rink and came across this leaping hare by Barry Flanagan. I looked at mum, asking can it fly? She looked puzzled as well.


Sunday was a busy day too. We went to Bracknell, mum helped a friend with her accounts and I spent ages in a forest park … wow I thought Bracknell was boring as mum used to work here, but I didn’t know they had all these great parks! I had a whale of a time, I felt so free with my new short coat and the cool breeze.


Mum’s friend cooked a lovely roast dinner, well I *think* it was lovely because I could smell it, even though I didn’t get any. Rats! But I had a good time in the garden, playing with golf balls. I wouldn’t retrieve them, well they were too small! Mum says maybe I could do with a wee bit of training…. mmm no, I think *she* is the one needs more training hehehe

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A parcel

A parcel came for me this morning. How exciting! Ooohhh I wonder what it is. A bone? A new toy? It’s not even my birthday.

smudges parcel

I opened it (with mum’s help) and it is a new coat and lead. Mmmmmm. Mum thinks I look a bit scruffy, so she got me a new coat for work. Here you can see my old one and new one. I’m going to look very smart.

new coat

Mum has even booked me in for a hair cut next weekend. It’s getting a bit hot so I’m really pleased. I’ll get a great shampoo session and short summer cut, and come out smelling of something nice. Watch this space for a smart new Smudge!

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Visit to Tate Modern

Mum took me to the Tate. I just HATE art galleries and museums, no one pays me any attention, they’re too busy looking at the walls or at inanimate objects. But this visit turned out to be quite fun as there was a social event afterwards. This is me posing outside the Tate, on the Millenium bridge.

Smudge outside Tate

The talk we attended was a BSL talk for deaf people, it’s held on the first Friday of every month at the Tate. They always have an BSL interpreter so mum thinks it’s really good. The gallery is just huge. I don’t know how mum finds her way around. We wandered around the third floor and saw new works by three artists who we hadn’t come across before.

Francis Alys – The Last Clown
This work shows an animation of a man going for a walk, displayed as a continuous loop, set to jazz style music. A dog comes along and trips the man up with his tail, and you can hear canned laughter. I love it! I’m always trying to trip mum up and sometimes manage to do it. But she doesn’t laugh.

Douglas Gordon – 10ms-1
This is a silent film made during the First World War, on a continuous loop. It shows a soldier on both sides of the screen, who seems to be recovering from an injury. He looks healthy, but he keeps falling over, tries to stand up, fails, all in jerky slow motion. Is the man hurt? Is he in pain or just in shock? Is he just acting? Mum thinks this man seems to be fighting for life against the odds – sounds a bit familiar!

Guillermo Kuitca – Untitled
Then we went into a room with 20 small beds, all dark and oil stained. They had drawings of road maps on them. This work explored the ideas of privacy and space. I really wanted to get onto one of the beds and have a nap, but mum held onto me all the time, she knows me too well you see!

Afterwards we went up for a drink to the glamorous East Room on level 7, with its panoramic views of London. Here’s me looking at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Mum said it looks so pretty against the horrible modern buildings they have today.

Smudge looking at globe

Then there’s a nice view of St Paul’s cathedral and Millenium bridge, which I just walked over. I felt like a bird when I looked at that view. It’s lucky I don’t look like a bird, hehe!

view st pauls

Of course, I was my usual life and soul of the party, making new friends and even trying out other people’s drinks 🙂
Oops, I think mum saw me! I was quite naughty as I was given a huge bowl of water by the lovely staff. Scotch’s dad was there but didn’t bring Scotch, she was staying at home tonight. Party pooper!

smudge drinking

Later on, I got comfy on those lovely leather sofas. I’m never allowed to sit on the sofa at home so this was a real treat.

smudge on sofa

I settled down and watched the sun set. Beautiful, don’t you think?

We walked back along South Bank to catch a train home, and guess what! They had purple and blue lights in all the trees and purple lights on the London Eye. Mum said it looks like christmas, we just need some snow.

It was the perfect night out!

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