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Just keep on snowing

I love the snow! We’ve had lots of snow this week. When there’s enough snow for me to roll around in, I’m happy. Mum got me a red coat for christmas, just for this kind of weather. What do you think? People keep stopping us when I wear this, to tell mum how cute I look. She says she feels like a groupie and I’m the rock star. You can hardly fail to notice me in bright red though! But please, mum, don’t buy me any wellingtons like my friend Penny has.  (They are a girly thing.)

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It’s back to work!

Mum went to San Francisco on her holiday, and what did she get me? A tie, believe it or not. No doggy treats! No nice bone! No new toy! Just a tie. HUH!

(But don’t I look cute?)


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