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Scissors and stitches

It’s been a hairy January. Mom and dad went to Bruges and left me behind. But I had a great break in the country with the ducks on the farm.

Mum was worried about a lump she found on my ear, as it had grown bigger over christmas. There was one on my side too. She took me to see the doctor and she found 4 lumps in total, so I was booked in to have them removed. Mum cried when she saw me, and I was whining for days afterward. I really hated wearing the satnav dish again. A rumour was going around that I was only doing this for attention, as dad had an operation too. Hmm…

The results have come back and they are all benign. Phew! Mum is so relieved. She has found another lump but says that one is staying put. I’m still wearing my raincoat as mum can pull it up tight round my neck to stop me scratching at my stitches. Can’t wait for that to come off too! That makes two of us .. Nyx isn’t too happy either at getting her long coat shorn off. She feels bald .. which is not a great look for a girly girl. (We blame dad for that one!)

My side ..

My ear ..

My neck ..

But I’m resting and getting better, the smiles are coming back 🙂

Nyx is still sulking though :-/

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Vote for vets


Petplan have some awards up for grabs for your favourite vet, vet practice, or vet nurse. Go on, get voting!

Petplan Veterinary Awards 2012

(You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I have had to type the word vetinarary veterinary … can’t spell this one!)

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Mum reports –

Smudge is doing just fine. We saw the vet again this evening and his paw is healing nicely. No foreign objects were found in his paw, the vet thinks it was washed out with all the blood. He’ll wear his collar for a few more days and carry on with the hibiscrub antiseptic and antibiotics.

He had a proper strop with me this morning, though. We got off the train at Waterloo and as soon as we hit the platform, Smudge sat down and refused to move. I took his coat off and he laid down on the ground straight away. Not! Moving! I took his halti off and bribed him with biscuits, but even THAT didn’t work. The last passenger got off the train and stood there laughing at Smudge. Smudge got up and went over to him, wagging his tail. As soon as I spoke to him however, he sat down and refused to move again. So I had to pick him up and carry him to the tube entrance. The little sod! He hates being carried so he did walk when I put him down. It brought back memories of his puppy days, when he tried every trick in the book to do what he wanted to do, not what I wanted to do (such as stay in the park). But he’s a loveable little sod, and it’s so good to see him getting better and becoming his old self again.

Between me and him, I don’t know who’s seen more doctors this week!

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Mum reports –
Smudge’s paw started bleeding today, it looks pretty rough, all swollen and red in the middle. We thought the problem was on the side of his foot. Well, we were wrong! The vet had a look at his paw this evening but it was too sore to touch. He’s going in for a spot of surgery in the morning. Hopefully the vet can find out what’s caused the infection. Perhaps it’s a tiny grass seed. He’s been an absolute trouper, so brave.

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Totally pawed off

I started licking my paw on Sunday and couldn’t stop. It was really sore. Today I couldn’t put any weight on my leg so mum left me at home to be all loved up by Kristel, who wasn’t very well herself. So we felt sorry for each other and gave each other lots of healing love and cuddles. Mum was in boring Canary Wharf all day. It’s so grey there, no nice parks or trees.

When mum got home, she and Chris took me to the doggy doctor, who said she couldn’t find anything wrong. She had the audacity to shave off my beautiful coat, thank goodness she only did a bit of my paw but she did the sore bit. I was struggling but Chris held me tight. Doc said my paw looks really red and swollen, the skin looks nasty, she thinks I have an infection and might have got a small grass seed in there somewhere. She gave mum lots of tablets for me and a huge noisy plastic thing.

When we got home, out came the chocolate drops. Chris held me and mum cleaned my paw with antiseptic from Doc, Kristel kept feeding me chocolate, then mum wrapped that huge piece of plastic around my neck! I can’t move anywhere! I keep bumping into things and I feel and look really stupid. Mum took me for a walk but I just stood there. I’m not going anywhere when I look as stupid as this! In the end, she took me into the garden, took the plastic off and made sure I walked around the garden and did my business. Then we went back inside and I got the plastic back on again. I don’t feel like a dog anymore and I’m pawed off with the whole wide world. But I’m getting another day off work tomorrow, which is good news!


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Where’s the cork?

I threw up my dinner on Tuesday night. The next morning, mum gave me breakfast and I managed to keep it down. But then I got the runs. I’ve been ill for 5 days with the runs. Poor me, poor mum. She’s been taking me outside every hour for the first few days and I couldn’t even wait until we got to the park. Jane says it’s because I’ve been stuffing my face again. Mum even stood over me in the pouring rain and held her umbrella over me while she got wet.

Mum took me to the doggy doctor on Saturday. He took my temperature and said it’s fine. He had to keep repeating himself as mum was so tired she couldn’t make sense of what he was saying. I’d been waking her at 4am for a few nights, you see. To go outside and do what I had to do. So, his prescription was 6 cans of special food for me, it’s a different brand, not my usual IAMS or Bakers. Mum says it’s called ‘Damn Expensive’. Funny name for a brand, that. Anyway, it tastes really good. And it made me feel better.

Mum looked at the ingredients on the Damn Expensive tin:
Meat & animal derivatives, cereals, eggs & egg derivatives, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin.
Highly digestible ingredients: turkey, rice, liver, maize, dried whole egg.

Average analysis;
Protein 7.3%
Fat 4.2%
Fibre 0.2%
Ash 1.9%
Moisture 71.3%
Calcium 0.31%
Phosphorus 0.22%
Sodium 0.12%
Potassium 0.29%
Vitamin D3 430iu/kg
Vitamin E 172mg/kg
Copper 3.4mg/kg
Coloured with iron oxide and caramel

Then mum looked at my usual Bakers food, which is dried biscuits.
Cereals, meat & animal derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin, various sugars, minerals, vegetables. With antioxidants, coloured with and preserved with EC additives.

Typical analysis;
Protein 23%
Fat 10%
Ash 6.5%
Fibre 3%
Calcium 1.2%
Vitamin A 12,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3 800 iu/kg
Vitamin E 60 mg/kg
Copper sulphate 18 mg/kg
Iron sulphate 215 mg/kg

Hmmm hmmm hmmm! Mum thinks the tinned stuff is healthier and smells nicer. I agree. But she says she’d be quite happy to cook steak and eggs for me – when I stop licking the pavement!

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Thin is in!

Mum took me to the doggy doctor for my annual vaccination booster. First thing –

Doc – “Has he lost any weight?”

Mum – “Oh yes! A little bit, I think”

I was placed on the scales and Doc checked on his computer. I’ve lost almost 2 kg! Doc is really pleased! He says he can’t call me fat any more!

I’m going to be booked in to have my teeth whitened, again! Apart from that, I’m in good shape. Hip hip!

Doc told mum that it’s rare to see a dog that’s so friendly and always happy to see you. Aww. I love my Doc.

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All wrapped up

I was cooped up in mum’s office all day (apart from playing with the ball in the park at lunchtime). So when she opened the door at 5pm, I was out like a shot. I went straight for Karen’s office whilst mum’s back was turned.

Karen walked into mum’s office, holding her hands up. Mum took one look …

– Oh no. What’s he done now?

I had taken Karen’s lunch out of her bin and eaten it. I’ve got radar for this kind of thing, even if it’s at the other end of the corridor or the office. Hey, listen up dogs! This is what happens when you get put on a diet by stoopid hoomans. Your food radar goes nuclear!

The problem was, Karen’s lunch had been wrapped in cling film. For my American friends, this is the same as Saran wrap. It doesn’t taste of anything! But this cling film had something REALLY tasty on it so I gulped the lot before Karen could get it out of my mouth. I think she panicked a bit. Patrice told us that Kirby has eaten all sorts. Then they got to talking about the size of Kirby’s doings and my doings…… huh, women! Mum then got on to the doggy doctor, who said to bring me in ASAP and to not have any breakfast so they can x-ray me.

We went home, I did my doings and mum had a look – no cling film. And no dinner either.

When Kyle heard about this, he laughed, as Stan has done worse. He’s eaten carrier bags, toys and sand. Stan isn’t a gulper like me, he’s a chewer so he didn’t wolf the lot down in one big bag, but he sure needed a hand in passing it out. Even the toys came out ok – but not used again!

Maybe I had better stop trying to eat my tennis balls.

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Ear / Better

Note from mum : Smudge’s ear is getting better and he’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who asked after him. He had part of his ear removed by the vet which was hanging off and 4 stitches were put in. He wasn’t happy to see the vet again but he’s now got the all clear – and some biscuits. He finally perked up today – in a big way! – which is nice to see as he’s being very clingy this week. He’s allowed to have long walks again and enjoyed one today, getting into everything, and almost caught a fox (which are the same size as Smudge around here).

Toodle pip!

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Ear / Limbo

The stocking wasn’t staying on at all so mum went out and bought some more bandages this morning. Poor mum was getting quite tired of putting my bandages on again and again, for I was constantly pulling them off. By late morning, my ear was bleeding again. By the afternoon it was getting very sore and looking really nasty, or so mum was saying. Mum took me to the doggy doctor (AGAIN!) and he tried to shave my ear but I wasn’t having any of that! I was also told, again, that I’m fatter than my last visit – how embarrassing. How is a cute dog like me supposed to pull all the lady dogs if I’m too podgy? Then he gave me a lovely biscuit and a belly rub. I overheard him telling mum this happens all the time with groomers, as dogs aren’t like people, they can’t sit still like people do, and before you know it, you’ve cut somewhere you shouldn’t.

So I’ve been taken home and put to bed after a *small* dinner. I asked mum for second helpings but she said no, as usual. But it’s always worth a try, isn’t it? In the morning, I’m going back to the doggy doctor and staying for the day. He says I’m going to have a little sleep, and he’ll shave the area, clean out the wound, and put some stitches in. He says it won’t hurt and they will look after me. I can’t wait til all this is over.

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