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Cracking up

It’s another trip to the Tate! We looked at the crack sculpture in the Turbine Hall.


The piece is called ‘Shibboleth’. Apparently a shibboleth is a “token of power: the power to judge, reject and kill”. The artist Doris Salcedo says the divide represents racial division, the gap between white Europeans and the rest of the world. Mum thinks the chasm represents a divide between the artist and the observer. I thought it was a bit pointless. I could hear other people exclaiming ‘Oh wow’ at other cracks in the floor, that weren’t supposed to be there.

We checked out the Juan Muñoz exhibition. In room 10 was a sculpture called Many Times. 100 Chinese people were gathered in small groups, all deep in conversation and grinning at something. The viewer is made to feel uneasy, excluded from the conversations and the groups as we don’t know what they are whispering about or what they are grinning at. Mum said this is just what it feels like to be deaf. Invisible and excluded.


Many Times, 1999 (detail) Private collection © The Estate of Juan Munoz

I think she’s really glad she’s got me to make her visible and included 🙂

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