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We paid a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. Mum was wondering if I would be allowed in. Apparently, it depends on the mood of the security hoomans on the gate. (Can you see why these are not my favourite people?) Sometimes they let dogs in, sometimes they don’t. Mum thinks it’s all about how some people need a power-trip. Ron explained that I’m a hearing dog and they whisked us through. I didn’t even have to wear my coat. Yaay!

We went to visit the greenhouses and they were just great. Mum’s favourite was the waterlily house, but it was far too hot for me in there and I started whining. Mum took a pic and we left sharpish. Yes, those lilies are real!


We saw the oldest greenhouse in the world and the newest one at Kew, it’s amazing how different they are. The old one has lots of very old and large palm trees and holes in the metal floor. The new one is much smaller and has air conditioning for the plants, which are all really tiny. Check them out, old and new….



My favourite greenhouse has plants from 7 world zones. Lots of lovely colourful cacti but mum said I wasn’t to touch them as they bite!



This greenhouse has a pond and catfish live there. There was a sign saying not to feed them as they bite. Hmmm. This isn’t a very friendly greenhouse – can you see the catfish?


Underneath the pond, we could look at pond life through windows. Waaaay too many fish! Mum liked this as we could look into a different world and, as she keeps saying at work, “If you want to be a fish, you have to think like a fish”.


We stopped for lunch and I got lots of attention. A waiter brought me a big bowl of water which was very welcome on such a hot day. I also got some crisps from some nice girls. Then Ron started feeding me his sandwich… tee hee … another one bites the dust! Mum tried Kew’s own-brew beer and gave it the thumbs up. Then I had a quick play with my ball. There was so much space!



We walked around the park and saw the Japanese Garden and old palaces. We even spotted a peacock but it ran away when mum got her camera out.


What a great day out. We only saw half of the gardens so will be coming back another day.

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Apparently barriers to access go all the way to the top ….
Read about the European pet night, an annual event held at the European Parliament this year which aimed to raise awareness of animal welfare issues. Assistance dogs and police dogs were not allowed in by security, on the grounds that they posed a security threat – only one assistance dog was allowed in.

Gee, mum …. I TOLD you security staff are the worst kind of hoomans! Do they think dogs like me carry a bomb under my coat?

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Salads to go-go

We popped into Marks & Spencer today to get some salad (for mum). We’ve been into this particular branch lots of times, and it’s mostly ok, we’ve only been stopped once recently.

We got stopped today by security. This wasn’t the nice security hooman who stepped in the last time we got stopped. This was somebody younger with a smirk on his face. He said,

– We don’t allow dogs in the shop.

He was right in mum’s face and she wasn’t happy. Invading her personal space and all that, and almost stepping on my toes as well! She explained the situation and he didn’t believe her so she asked for the manager. The manager was standing right behind her and she explained my rights to him. He didn’t believe her either.

All the customers were listening in as she explained there are six different types of assistance dogs in the UK, that they are allowed in all public places by law. They still didn’t believe her.


Mum saw red.

She got loud. Really loud. I put my paws on her, to calm her down, and kept them there, so she’d remember I’m there for her.

One customer stepped in and backed her up. They clearly still didn’t believe her. She got out my cards –

One is my ID card – as you can see here,


it says I’m a proper Hearing Dog, and not a fake (there are a few fakes around, believe it or not). See how slim I look in the photo, it was taken when I was two.

My other card is from the Institute of Environmental Health, which says

    ‘The Institute of Environmental Health Officers. Hearing Dogs are allowed entry to restaurants, food shops and other food premises. Their very special training means that they are not a risk to hygiene in such premises.’


Mum showed them to the manager and told him to read them.

He apologised. Mum told him not to stop her in the shop again, she’s been stopped too many times. He passed my cards back to her and she gave them to the security hooman, and told him to read them. In a “I’m not taking any crap” voice.

The little security hooman then piped up.

– Why do you have this dog?

Mum explained she can’t hear the fire alarms and I’m trained to tell her when it goes off.

So now she has to explain why she has me with her? I thought that was quite rude. None of his business really is it!

She dumped the salads and we walked out. But we’ll be back. Today’s Friday and mum just wants a break.

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Marks & Spencer

We went into a London branch of M&S as mum was peckish (again! – she’s getting too much like me). The shop was small and a bit busy. It was one of those tiny branches that only sell food. Mum was standing by the sandwich shelves when this young shop assistant came charging up to her.

– Excuse me! No dogs are allowed in here! We only allow guide dogs!

A split second later, the security guard was standing at mum’s shoulder. He said

– He’s a Hearing Dog.

The shop assistant apologised and went off. Can you believe it? The security guard knew the law?! And he stood up for us?! WOW. That’s a first. Mum always gets hassle from security guards so she made sure to thank him nicely.

We continued to browse and walked to the end of the aisle, to see the aforementioned shop assistant standing there staring at mum and whispering to her colleague. OH YEAH….. *that* one again.

Huh. Hoomans!

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