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Thin is in!

Mum took me to the doggy doctor for my annual vaccination booster. First thing –

Doc – “Has he lost any weight?”

Mum – “Oh yes! A little bit, I think”

I was placed on the scales and Doc checked on his computer. I’ve lost almost 2 kg! Doc is really pleased! He says he can’t call me fat any more!

I’m going to be booked in to have my teeth whitened, again! Apart from that, I’m in good shape. Hip hip!

Doc told mum that it’s rare to see a dog that’s so friendly and always happy to see you. Aww. I love my Doc.

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I do …

Mum’s friend Jane got married last week. Jane is a fashion designer and made her own bridal gown. It was beautiful and Jane looked like a model. Mum was sooo glad I didn’t put my paws on her dress! The wedding was a very traditional affair. I tried to be really good during the church service but I thought it was too long, especially as no one was paying me any attention. All eyes were on the bride. Mum – can I get married one day?


We went to the reception in Gerrards Cross – I didn’t get to ride in Jane’s red car, what a shame!


We were in the countryside – brilliant! I ran around with Harry and got very hot and bothered. It was a lovely day and we had lots of photos taken outside. We went inside and mum & I were sitting opposite the top table. VIPs! The food was to die for, I salivated like you wouldn’t believe. I played with the bridesmaids, they had such bright pink dresses that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Jane had made those dresses as well. Clever!


Jane had also made the table decorations, lemons and limes topped with pink and red flowers, they were stunning.


Everyone had chocolate cake (except me) so I had a bit of a sulk after that. But lots of people kept coming to say hello to me so I didn’t mind too much. It took us 3 hours to get home though!

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