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Ice cream for dogs

Hey, there’s a new snack in town! Luxury ice cream – just for dogs – is now produced in three great flavours; Panting Peanut Mutter, Oaty Pawfection and Chase Your Tail Cheesecake.

Wagg Foods will have the Frost and Hound frozen yoghurt desserts on sale by next summer. They’ve got dog biscuits in them and friendly bacteria to help digestion. Sounds really healthy!

The only downside of this kind of treat is it means a face-wash afterwards from mum!

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Robbie came to visit today and he brought me some great christmas presents. I felt really bad because I didn’t have one for him, silly mummy didn’t make sure that he was coming with his dad. I got some tennis balls, all different colours, and after I had unwrapped them, Robbie made a head start on chewing them. I’ll won’t be able to finish those off as quickly as Robbie can! Then I got another fab present. Robbie’s favourite organic biscuits! Wow. We shared some and kept some for me to enjoy later. Mmmmm.

Thank you Robbie and Happy New Year to you too!


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