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Dear Oscar

I am so sad to see you go to doggy heaven, you have been such a delight to know. Enjoy the permanent sunshine and daisies.

I’ll paws for thought and think of you often.

Lots of love, your friend Smudge xxx

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Mum told me about Oscar, a cat who predicts who will die next at the nursing home where he lives. Ewww.

Now I’m gonna have frightmares nightmares.

Do you ever have nightmares?

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WINSTON has just tagged me for a few smiles. Oh happy days! I always make people smile, where ever I go. For you, here’s the famous ‘Smudgie’ smile.

Now I’m tagging OSCAR, BOO, and MOMO

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Doggy doctors

Golly I’ve seen more doggy doctors this month than I’ve had hot dinners!

While mum was in Egypt, I could feel something in my ear and kept trying to shake it out. So Lisa took me to a doggy doctor and he gave me something that made me go to sleep for a while, so he could take it out. It was a huge spiky grass seed. I’m so glad to have it out, I can stop shaking my head now.


Today, we had a picnic in the park with some friends, catching up and celebrating mum’s new job. I had a great time, I was playing with my ball for 3 hours and think that was a bit much as my leg started to hurt.


I couldn’t put any weight on it and mum panicked. We went to an emergency doggy doctor as it was Sunday. The stoopid taxi driver jumped every time I moved, and he almost crashed the car into the central barriers when he thought I was going to lick his hand. I’m only being friendly. Mum was crying by the time we got there but the doggy doctor was lovely. She put a thermometer in my ear and I started blabbing, mum says I’m always such a big baby when my usual doggy doctor does this, but I don’t mind a thermometer up my bum! The doggy doctor thought this was hilarious and took my temperature *that* way instead. Pfft. She thinks I have arthritis of the spine. I blooming hope not.


We went home and I got an extra big dinner. Isn’t mum a big softy?!

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Keep it clean!

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We went for a wander around East London today. It was really really busy, full of street markets, my toes got stepped on more than once 🙂

Hackney City Farm was different … it’s a little farm in the middle of the big city!

farm map

It was full of interesting smells and ‘almost but not quite’ dogs.

There were dogs with two legs and feathers that made clucking sounds …


and there was a huge pink hairy dog wallowing in the mud, Hei kept tight hold and made sure I didn’t join in (bumma)


It was a lovely long walk on a beautiful day. Mum’s going on holiday to Egypt tomorrow so I’m off to Clapham Common later to stay with Lisa. Can’t wait 🙂

At least mum has got a good start on her sunburn hehehe

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Bali music

Mum went to a gamelan workshop and I went along…. hmmm interesting. She was trying out all the instruments and had a great time.


All the instruments were very relaxing to listen to, I didn’t like the drums though and went off for a lie down. Aren’t the instruments pretty?


Did you know Bali dancers wear masks? Mum tried some on and she thought it was funny to put one on me. *Not* an improvement on my lovely doggy features, I think! Thanks, mum, my credibility has gone right out of the window now!


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