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Get stuffed

Mum had two christmas parties at work this week. The video shows exactly how I feel. I was sick this morning – it was my birthday too! So I’ve spent today feeling sorry for myself but I feel much better now that I’m home, it’s snowing outside, and I’m in my warm bed.

Happy 9th Birthday to me. Guess what I got. Several bags of doggy treats. I’m saving them for a rainy day!


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Birthday Dog

Happy birthday to me, it’s my birthday and that means TREATS!! I’m 8 today. Mum just can’t believe it.

The lovely hoomans at work gave me a surprise party. I got some yummy chicken strips…. and um.. a huge rawhide bone, I took a liking to that straight away … and a big box of my favourite cookies … and a box of treats for my arthritic knees – otherwise known as doggie bus pass! Best of all were the cards I got. I got a very cute one from Auntie Karen …


and a FAB handmade one from the hoomans at work! Look!


On the inside is all the love they have for me….


The poem says –

Smudge the dog, we love you so
With your tail wagging to and fro
A cuddle from you makes us feel ok
So we wish you a very happy birthday!

Isn’t that sweet! I’m so lucky I work with such lovely hoomans.
You can cuddle me anytime 🙂

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Happy Birthday Blog


It’s been a year of tall stories, funny moments, and lots of lovely new friends.

Join me in having a virtual birthday cake and celebrating a year of friendship!

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