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Sick. Again.

I was so hungry last night, being on my new diet and all, that I was licking the floor in the kitchen. This morning I was sick. Must have been something on the floor that wasn’t good for me. So I’m sitting in my bed this morning, feeling sorry for myself as mum didn’t give me any breakfast, in case I was sick again.

I’m sure I’ll be more cheerful tomorrow and will pop back to say hello again soon.

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Ear / Better

Note from mum : Smudge’s ear is getting better and he’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who asked after him. He had part of his ear removed by the vet which was hanging off and 4 stitches were put in. He wasn’t happy to see the vet again but he’s now got the all clear – and some biscuits. He finally perked up today – in a big way! – which is nice to see as he’s being very clingy this week. He’s allowed to have long walks again and enjoyed one today, getting into everything, and almost caught a fox (which are the same size as Smudge around here).

Toodle pip!

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Dog leads

Mum saw this news article and thought it very strange behaviour for hoomans.

Is this why I’m not allowed onto buses sometimes? That I might be a danger to other passengers? That’s a laff.

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Ear / Lopped



I’ve got a number one haircut. Number two stitches.

– Mum, what comes after number two?

(Mum – Three biscuits!)

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Ear / Limbo

The stocking wasn’t staying on at all so mum went out and bought some more bandages this morning. Poor mum was getting quite tired of putting my bandages on again and again, for I was constantly pulling them off. By late morning, my ear was bleeding again. By the afternoon it was getting very sore and looking really nasty, or so mum was saying. Mum took me to the doggy doctor (AGAIN!) and he tried to shave my ear but I wasn’t having any of that! I was also told, again, that I’m fatter than my last visit – how embarrassing. How is a cute dog like me supposed to pull all the lady dogs if I’m too podgy? Then he gave me a lovely biscuit and a belly rub. I overheard him telling mum this happens all the time with groomers, as dogs aren’t like people, they can’t sit still like people do, and before you know it, you’ve cut somewhere you shouldn’t.

So I’ve been taken home and put to bed after a *small* dinner. I asked mum for second helpings but she said no, as usual. But it’s always worth a try, isn’t it? In the morning, I’m going back to the doggy doctor and staying for the day. He says I’m going to have a little sleep, and he’ll shave the area, clean out the wound, and put some stitches in. He says it won’t hurt and they will look after me. I can’t wait til all this is over.

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Ear / On


Mum took all the tape and bandages off and the piece of cotton wool she had used to stop the bleeding was stuck into the wound. She couldn’t bear to pull it off and called a friend for help. Andrea pulled it off very slowly and I didn’t even flinch. Now I’m wearing a (slightly less cool) stocking leg around my neck to keep my ear out of the way, and let the air get to the wound. Mum has put aloe vera antiseptic gel onto the cut (she said ‘Whoo it’s quite big isn’t it!’ in her ‘I’m scared’ voice) and she gave me a biscuit from my treat jar. It’s a day of rest for me today!

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Ear / Off


Mum took me to the groomer today. I not only got a short back and sides, I got my ear cut as well. I can’t help shaking my head and every time I do, it starts bleeding again. The groomer put a bandage on it and it came off every time I shook my head (it’s sooo itchy!) so mum got some medical tape and now I look like I have a white collar. And I’m getting lots of cuddles 🙂

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Marks & Spencer

We went into a London branch of M&S as mum was peckish (again! – she’s getting too much like me). The shop was small and a bit busy. It was one of those tiny branches that only sell food. Mum was standing by the sandwich shelves when this young shop assistant came charging up to her.

– Excuse me! No dogs are allowed in here! We only allow guide dogs!

A split second later, the security guard was standing at mum’s shoulder. He said

– He’s a Hearing Dog.

The shop assistant apologised and went off. Can you believe it? The security guard knew the law?! And he stood up for us?! WOW. That’s a first. Mum always gets hassle from security guards so she made sure to thank him nicely.

We continued to browse and walked to the end of the aisle, to see the aforementioned shop assistant standing there staring at mum and whispering to her colleague. OH YEAH….. *that* one again.

Huh. Hoomans!

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Smart Smudge

Note from mum –

Smudge proved to me yet again today, how smart he is. (Although, I always knew. He just likes to remind me now and again.)

We have a fire alert system at work. It’s slightly different from most public fire alert systems. Okay – it’s waaaayy different. Smudge has been trained to alert me to a bell sound, which is the traditional fire alert sound. Our fire alert system doesn’t work like that. Instead, we have a tannoy system. A voice announces there is a cause for alarm. It might say it’s a practice, it might say it’s a warning, we are not sure if there actually is a fire yet. It might say, evacuate the building immediately as there’s a fire. All pretty useless to a deaf employee! It’s a voice but I can’t understand what it says – it sounds just like baby talk!

The fire alert went off today at 6.30pm. Smudge took one look at me and threw himself at me. I asked him ‘What is it?’ and he hugged the floor to show there is danger. He knew there was something wrong…. what a smart dog! He got a biscuit. Then he did it again. Another biscuit. Then again. And again. And again ….. he knew a good thing when he saw it! My colleagues put their heads round the door and told me it was just a warning, there might be a fire. It turned out there was no fire.

Smudge demonstrated his smartness again this evening. (He’s on a mission.)
I was sitting at my computer at 11PM and the door was shut. Smudge was asleep. Or so I thought. I heard this scratching noise. Smudge was scratching on the door to be let in, so he could go get a drink of water. Attaboy!

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Robbie came to visit today and he brought me some great christmas presents. I felt really bad because I didn’t have one for him, silly mummy didn’t make sure that he was coming with his dad. I got some tennis balls, all different colours, and after I had unwrapped them, Robbie made a head start on chewing them. I’ll won’t be able to finish those off as quickly as Robbie can! Then I got another fab present. Robbie’s favourite organic biscuits! Wow. We shared some and kept some for me to enjoy later. Mmmmm.

Thank you Robbie and Happy New Year to you too!


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