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Happy Birthday Blog


It’s been a year of tall stories, funny moments, and lots of lovely new friends.

Join me in having a virtual birthday cake and celebrating a year of friendship!

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All wrapped up

I was cooped up in mum’s office all day (apart from playing with the ball in the park at lunchtime). So when she opened the door at 5pm, I was out like a shot. I went straight for Karen’s office whilst mum’s back was turned.

Karen walked into mum’s office, holding her hands up. Mum took one look …

– Oh no. What’s he done now?

I had taken Karen’s lunch out of her bin and eaten it. I’ve got radar for this kind of thing, even if it’s at the other end of the corridor or the office. Hey, listen up dogs! This is what happens when you get put on a diet by stoopid hoomans. Your food radar goes nuclear!

The problem was, Karen’s lunch had been wrapped in cling film. For my American friends, this is the same as Saran wrap. It doesn’t taste of anything! But this cling film had something REALLY tasty on it so I gulped the lot before Karen could get it out of my mouth. I think she panicked a bit. Patrice told us that Kirby has eaten all sorts. Then they got to talking about the size of Kirby’s doings and my doings…… huh, women! Mum then got on to the doggy doctor, who said to bring me in ASAP and to not have any breakfast so they can x-ray me.

We went home, I did my doings and mum had a look – no cling film. And no dinner either.

When Kyle heard about this, he laughed, as Stan has done worse. He’s eaten carrier bags, toys and sand. Stan isn’t a gulper like me, he’s a chewer so he didn’t wolf the lot down in one big bag, but he sure needed a hand in passing it out. Even the toys came out ok – but not used again!

Maybe I had better stop trying to eat my tennis balls.

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Big boys and their toys


Mum knows I like my toys, just like any other fella around here.

But – not in the office! The office is supposed to be for work! But silly me, I got caught red handed.

Kathy’s door is always open so I always like to pop in and say hello. Or just lick her hands. Whatever. She had left her backpack on the floor and I took a peek. I saw some lovely colourful balls inside and just couldn’t resist them. They smelled nice too, like mum’s fruit bowl. I shoved my nose in, got them out, and was having a great time throwing them up and down the corridor when mum spotted me flashing past her doorway, back and forth, and came out to see what I was doing.



Kathy wasn’t impressed when mum told her.


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Australian v Mexican

We went to a Walkabout pub in Covent Garden to celebrate David’s birthday. As mum went in the door, the doorman shouted at her to come back, that she couldn’t take a dog in. Mum pointed out I’m a Hearing Dog and they are breaking the law by refusing us access. He said he was phoning his manager and was really nasty and aggressive to mum. Mum tried to explain that she doesn’t need permission but he wouldn’t listen and started shouting at mum. The horrible man. The manager said it is ok for me to go in. Mum said ‘Are you sure?’ and the doorman started shouting again. Mum took no notice and went inside. David couldn’t believe how aggressive this excuse for a hooman being was. We totally hated that pub. The music was too loud, it was packed and I got stepped on, and they don’t even have hoomans on the door.

We made a good start to David’s party and went to Wahaca afterwards, a Mexican restaurant. There were no access problems there at all. A waiter even asked if I wanted a bowl of water – and I got some chicken too! (Mum, I *definitely* want to come back here!)

Of course, I got lots of pats and fuss from people on the train home. None of them were doormen 🙂


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We got into the office this morning and while mum’s back was turned I nipped away. Well, she was busy talking to Valerie and having a coffee, I thought she would never notice. She was surprised to see me come back to her office with the caterer in tow. With a plate. Oops.

(mum) – What’s he been up to now?
(caterer) – he’s lovely! I just gave him some breakfast. Bacon and sausages!

Double oops.

Mum’s trying to be a bit cross with me. But she thinks it’s amazing that I managed to find the cafe on my own so quickly, it’s on the other side of the office building, it’s a long way away!

That bacon was lovely. Please, can I have some more?

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New bins

Mum’s new office is a super-duper modern building, lots and lots of glass walls – even the elevators are made of glass. I had a great time riding up and down in them all day, looking out to see what was happening. Mum’s friend Julia covered her eyes, she couldn’t bear to look. On one floor they had 2 palm trees and a pool, how cool is that? Even cooler, they have their own chef on the premises. He bakes cookies every morning and I tried so hard to get one off the side board when mum had her coffee and cookie. Don’t they look sooo good?


Everyone is sooo nice and friendly, people keep popping in to say hello to me. I wandered into one of the lawyer’s offices and mum had to find me and drag me out. His bin had something nice in it. She made sure I was tied up after that *pouts*

At lunchtime we went to a tiny park just around the corner in Finsbury Circus. It’s hard to believe there is actually a park in the middle of the city.

Copyright © English Heritage.NMR

Only assistance dogs are allowed into this park. It’s the oldest public park in London and dates back to 1606. Wow. It’s 402 years old! Click HERE to see a panoramic view of the park. The bowling green has been there since 1904 – I wasn’t allowed onto it, what a shame, all that lovely green grass! After a nice walk, we went back to the office for lunch in their cafe. I was eyeing up the sandwich counter but didn’t get anything. At least I got a few pats from the caterer.

Mid afternoon, Jillian popped out to get coffee and came back with chocolate chip cookies – my favourite! my favourite! I sat and watched her and mum eat them. They looked so yummy. I made sure to go straight for Jillian’s bin when mum untied me at home-time. I got my jaws round the cookie wrappers – Jillian fought to get them off me while mum fell about laughing. She can’t believe how greedy I am.

I love new offices – more people to meet and greet, more bins to inspect. Hurrah!

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A blind couple in the West Midlands called a taxi firm (ABS Aldridge) after their daughter’s wedding and were refused a taxi. When Paul & Susan Nicholls rang again, they were asked to pay a charge of more than double the fare for a minibus. I’m sure that totally ruined their day. I hate it when it happens to mum and me. I remember one taxi driver told mum to put me in the boot otherwise he wouldn’t take her booking.

The owner of ABS Aldridge, Suhil Dad, “tried” to find out who asked them to pay such a hefty charge, and he failed. How can a company boss not know who’s manning the calls, especially for a taxi firm? Or am I stupid? He was fined £665 for breaking the law. Serves him right.

I really hope this taxi firm have learned their lesson. We still have problems with our local taxi firm, even though they have been told more than once about my legal rights and their legal responsibilities. Some people don’t listen very well, do they?

So who’s being deaf now?

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Bl**dy train doors


Mum got a fright today.

We were on our way home and we got to the train station. The train was sooo crowded, there were so many people that it was hard to get on. I jumped on first then the doors slammed shut behind me, before mum managed to jump on! Mum couldn’t get the doors to open, neither could the other hoomans on the train, and the train pulled out of the station. With me on it. And mum was on the platform. I just stared at mum’s panicky face through the window. I mean, what could I do?

I saw mum run over to the guard. Some nice hooman made sure I got off the train at the next stop and the station manager took me into his warm office. A little while later – oh okay, it was a LONG while later – mum’s white face appeared round the door and she was sooo glad to see me! I was fine, happy as Lassie (I didn’t tell mum someone on the train had been feeding me steaks)

Mum had been very worried. She thought she would never see me again!

She keeps muttering ‘Those stupid f***king train doors! Why don’t they have flashing lights or something??’

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