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Chocolate cake


Cake cake cake. I just love cake. There are lots of birthdays coming up soon and I’m looking forward to the celebrations and hopefully getting some cake.

Hurmine had left a bowl of chocolate cake on her desk. I overheard her tell mum how she came back and the cherry on top was missing. And some of the cake. She just couldn’t understand it. Mum went red and started laughing. Hurmine said she had put the bowl at the back of her desk, and mum said it doesn’t really make any difference, I will still try my best to get it. Luckily, the lovely Hurmine forgave me.

Chocolate cake. Mmmm, don’t you just love it?

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Noodle bars


Mum loves noodle bars. She’s always popping into one and having something that smells delicious. I find it really hard to sit and act like the well-trained dog I should be. So mum usually ends up, after I’ve done some dancing around, putting her fleecy coat on the hard floor so I can snuggle up and dream about what she’s eating.

We usually go to our favourite noodle bar, Hare & Tortoise – it’s much better than Wagamama. It’s a favourite because they serve huge portions and mum says the food is really really good. The staff even ask if they can have their photos taken with me. Her favourites are tori katsu and curry laksa – mum’s going to try to make them at home. Just look at the recipes, they’re so long!

Recipes for tori katsu & curry laksa

We tried another noodle bar yesterday. We were hungry after watching a film at the cinema, so we went to Miso. The staff immediately told us to leave when they saw me. Mum explained I’m a Hearing Dog and they agreed to let us in, as I had my coat on so they had no choice really. The food seemed much healthier than at the Hare & Tortoise. Mum had crispy duck and pancakes which I tasted too, it was soo good. Then she had chicken noodle soup, it was much less greasy than the Hare’s laksa and there weren’t as many ingredients in it, but it was still good. The white wine tasted like vinegar so mum sent that back and got red, which was a little better.

We went to a nearby cafe to have cheesecake and milkshakes which were excellent. The place was busy and friendly as usual, but it was messy as hell with papers and used plates & cups everywhere. Mum embarrassed me by telling Viki what happened the last time we hit this place for coffee and cake. Mum had just picked up her order and sat down on one of the bar stools near the cake counter. She was busy talking and then turned round to see me munching away. Obviously (luckily for me), a huge piece of chocolate cake had fallen off the high counter and onto the floor, and I didn’t hesitate. Mum & Jane laughed so hard as I had this huge piece of cake wedged in my mouth and most of it was sticking halfway out of my jaws. But not for long!

I was so glad to get home last night and get my dinner, after watching mum eat her way through hers! Maybe I should develop a taste for noodles….

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