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Summer Fayre


Every two years, the charity ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’ have a summer fayre at the main training centre in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire. This year’s event is on 8 June.

Mum was amazed when we went to visit, because it’s like a five star hotel. They have EVERYTHING. The residents even get a regular top to toe pampering treatment with all the mod cons …. except toast.

There will be lots of entertaining events at the fayre, such as agility races and dog dancing, and they will have demonstrations of a Hearing Dog at work. When we visited the fayre, I walked away with 3 prizes from the dog show. Mum was laughing when the judge came round to look at us. We were lined up in a row, all sitting nicely by our mums and dads, facing the front…. except for me. I was sitting facing mum and refused to turn round to face the judge. I was awarded First prize for the dog with the most beautiful eyes (of course), First prize for the waggiest tail (my special 270 degree / 100mph wag), and Second prize for the judge’s favourite dog in the show (wow). Mum was sooo proud of me. She says it doesn’t matter what prizes I win or don’t win, she still thinks I’m the best.

Hearing Dogs hope to sign up new volunteer socialisers on the day and they are still looking for local people to help with this vital foundation to the hearing dogs’ training. Call them on 01844 348105 to find out more or email them at info@ hearingdogs.org.uk to find out more.

See you at the Summer Fayre!

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