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My Hearing Dog is the light of my life. He has brought me so many friends and given me security, companionship, comfort, always a listening ear, a friendly happy face, and he’s just simply my best friend.

Reading about Logan McKerrow and his generosity brought a tear to my eye. He decided to make an Olympic torch and this has been auctioned on Ebay to help raise funds for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People who train dogs to help deaf people in the UK. Today the bidding has reached an amazing £153,100! That’s $237,700! …… and there are 6 hours left to go!

You can read the full feel-good story here 🙂

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Deafax puppies

This Christmas, Deafax have created a fun video Christmas message using a colleague’s puppies called ‘A Puppies 1st Christmas’. It is completely free for you, but the company ChristmaSee has pledged 10p to Deafax each time someone views the video card.

To view the message:

1. Click on this link

2. Click on the Christmas Pudding to register for free, please select Deafax as one of your chosen charities and then we will receive 10p.

3. Once you have registered, look in your received files column and click and select the one entitled ‘deafax’.

4. Click play to see the puppies!

You can also record and send your own video message and by selecting Deafax as your chosen charity, they will also get 10p every time you send a message. If your friends do the same they will be rolling in 10ps!!

Deafax wish you all a fantastic Christmas and New year.

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Summer Fayre


Every two years, the charity ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’ have a summer fayre at the main training centre in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire. This year’s event is on 8 June.

Mum was amazed when we went to visit, because it’s like a five star hotel. They have EVERYTHING. The residents even get a regular top to toe pampering treatment with all the mod cons …. except toast.

There will be lots of entertaining events at the fayre, such as agility races and dog dancing, and they will have demonstrations of a Hearing Dog at work. When we visited the fayre, I walked away with 3 prizes from the dog show. Mum was laughing when the judge came round to look at us. We were lined up in a row, all sitting nicely by our mums and dads, facing the front…. except for me. I was sitting facing mum and refused to turn round to face the judge. I was awarded First prize for the dog with the most beautiful eyes (of course), First prize for the waggiest tail (my special 270 degree / 100mph wag), and Second prize for the judge’s favourite dog in the show (wow). Mum was sooo proud of me. She says it doesn’t matter what prizes I win or don’t win, she still thinks I’m the best.

Hearing Dogs hope to sign up new volunteer socialisers on the day and they are still looking for local people to help with this vital foundation to the hearing dogs’ training. Call them on 01844 348105 to find out more or email them at info@ hearingdogs.org.uk to find out more.

See you at the Summer Fayre!

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We went to see the London Marathon, in Greenwich. There were so many runners – 40,000 of them! Can you see them all behind me? There were six real Maasai warriors running too, it was the first time they had left their homeland. They were trying to raise $120,000 for a project: a well in their drought-ravaged village in Tanzania, and were running in shoes made from car tyres and not drinking any water whilst running. Wow.

There are lots of different ways we can help Africa – click here to see a great post on different ways you can help.


We went to the start line of the race. Mum was hoping Ian wasn’t too nervous. He ran for the National Deaf Children’ Society (he completed it in a very respectable 4 hours 17 minutes and 40 seconds – well done Ian!). Can you see the big TV screen the runners have got. I wonder if it will show Dog Borstal?


They had lots of colourful hot air balloons which really brightened the dark skies, there were lots of grey could so we knew it would probably rain later …


So why is there an ice cream van at the start line? Do people want ice creams before they run?


Nearby was a pretty lake. I think I’ll run around that – that’ll be MY marathon this year!


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Maz has found a competition run by Salty Dog crisps. They are looking for dog lovers who look like their dogs. Three runners up will receive their dog’s weight in Salty Dog goodies, and for the winner, a pet portrait will be commissioned from Matt Stutely.

Even better, for every image they receive, they will donate £1 to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. You can email images to judy@saltydog-grrr.com and the competition ends on 31 January 2008.

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Mum is having another good read. She’s just received the latest issue of the Hearing Dogs newsletter by email. If you want to catch up on their news, you can send an email to info@hearingdogs.org.uk and they will put you on their mailing list.

Mum is busy buying from their new online shop. Lots of lovely doggy goodies there – if you download the catalogue there are even more goodies.

She was in WHSmith yesterday and saw charity christmas cards with the Hearing Dogs logo on them, she was really pleased. This means more cute dogs (like me!) can be trained.

I’m glad mommy’s rich. That means more biscuits for me *smirk*

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London Marathon 2007

How exciting, it’s a beautiful sunny day and mum took me to see the start of the race. We looked for Darren but couldn’t find him.

There were so many runners! Lots of them had great costumes, we saw two men dressed as trees (yaayyyyy!) and one man dressed as a bear (mum says it’s called Chewbacca).

Mum loved the hot air balloons. They were pretty big!

Darren texted mum after the race, to say he was exhausted and did the race in 5 1/2 hours. He says – never again! Well done Darren and THANK YOU!

Darren poses with my sister Scotch – I was still in bed, hehe!

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Run Darren Run!

Darren is running for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, in the London Marathon. He has promised he will run all 26 miles of it!

Please sponsor him online for a really great cause.

(Mum – Smudge has totally changed me as a person and he has changed my life for the better. He’s worth his weight in gold and I wouldn’t be without him. Thanks for your support Darren! I think those large pre-Marathon beers might have to go, though!)

Well Darren, I want to know if you’ve started training yet?!

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