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Surf ‘n Turf

We went for a walk as the weather was perfect for once and mum was fed up working. We had such a lovely time, I just have to tell you about it.


We went down to the park by the riverbank. It was very peaceful and there were hoomans rowing up and down the river in canoes. Those are funny looking little boats. Mum threw my ball for me lots and lots, I got so hot I went into the river to cool down, and had a lie down in the water. The fishermen weren’t too pleased. Ooops.


There were lots of ducks to sniff at, they weren’t frightened of me at all. I wish mum had brought some bread! (not just for me!)


When we got home, I was ready for a good nap. But mum had other ideas. She gave me a chewy biscuit treat – look at the big grin on my face!!


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Peg leg


I’ve been at home all day. Mum took me into work but I was practically crawling along the pavement and I was holding my leg up as I couldn’t put any weight on it, so she took me home to rest. After calling me a pirate.

We went to the park yesterday and had a lovely time. It was so sunny, our first proper sunny weekend this year. I was chasing my ball for 2 hours, and it was a half hour walk to the park, so I really had a lot of exercise. And a lot of fun. Too much of both, really. Mum says I look like I’ve run a Marathon, as I’m moving so slowly. I feel like I’ve run a Marathon. So I stayed in mum’s bed all day and snuggled up in her duvet.


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Sand and sea

It was Mother’s Day at the weekend and mum took me to the beach so we could have some fun. Whoopeeee.

I LOVE the sand, LOVE the sea, LOVE the wind. The beach is one of my favourite places, and mum’s too. We always bring the ball and run up and down the beach, and we both go into the water when it’s warmer.

Mum took some photos. Here I am enjoying the surf …


digging for my ball ….


making some new friends…..


and even more new friends…..


Here I’m running up the beach, back to my favourite mum (for I know she’ll nearly always throw the ball again) …


then we went for a nice drinky …


Thank goodness for mums 🙂

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Big boys and their toys


Mum knows I like my toys, just like any other fella around here.

But – not in the office! The office is supposed to be for work! But silly me, I got caught red handed.

Kathy’s door is always open so I always like to pop in and say hello. Or just lick her hands. Whatever. She had left her backpack on the floor and I took a peek. I saw some lovely colourful balls inside and just couldn’t resist them. They smelled nice too, like mum’s fruit bowl. I shoved my nose in, got them out, and was having a great time throwing them up and down the corridor when mum spotted me flashing past her doorway, back and forth, and came out to see what I was doing.



Kathy wasn’t impressed when mum told her.


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Robbie came to visit today and he brought me some great christmas presents. I felt really bad because I didn’t have one for him, silly mummy didn’t make sure that he was coming with his dad. I got some tennis balls, all different colours, and after I had unwrapped them, Robbie made a head start on chewing them. I’ll won’t be able to finish those off as quickly as Robbie can! Then I got another fab present. Robbie’s favourite organic biscuits! Wow. We shared some and kept some for me to enjoy later. Mmmmm.

Thank you Robbie and Happy New Year to you too!


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