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Freaky hoomans

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Mum, I TOLD you men were dogs!

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All that glitters …

My friend Harry has just done a blindingly good one!

It’s getting to those late and dark nights again. Harry’s mum has been finding it difficult to see and pick up his digested food. You could try doing what Harry did over the weekend.

He snuck up to mum’s room and investigated her ‘fancy dress bag’ which had a multitude of things in it, of which a more than a few are now slightly nibbled! During the investigations he found a tube of glitter, did a little nibble and found it not to his liking, and shook it / sneezed it around the bedroom (cue change of bed clothes, hoover, bath for Harry etc etc)

But he has eaten some ………… because for the last couple of days, his doings are very sparkly !! No trouble finding them in the dark now!

His teeth were also ‘glittering’, it is in his fur, in the bath, on the floor and the children’s bed, pajamas – everywhere in the house at the moment seems to have some glitter, including of course his innards !

Tee hee. Who’s the clever clogs then?!

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It seems the witches are already out and about, but in disguise. Mum took me to the park at lunchtime and I was walking along, minding my own business, when this hooman said to mum she doesn’t like dogs. Mum walked on. Next thing we knew, this witch had kicked me really hard with her pointy boots.


Mum was livid. Absolutely fooking livid. She hasn’t lost her temper in ten years and she lost it big time. I was so scared! She gave me a cuddle and took me to the doggy doctor (maybe mum should buy shares in his practice?) and I was proclaimed fighting fit. Mum is so relieved but is on the G&T tonight. I don’t blame her.

What kind of stoopid hooman kicks a dog? It’s wrong wrong wrong!

Ugly actions and words come out of ugly people with ugly faces. It’s Halloween – they’re all crawling out of the woodwork this week.

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All work and no play…

I’m shattered. Mum has dragged me around two careers fairs today and yesterday. Wasn’t one enough? Yesterday’s was in a swanky business centre and the food they had at lunchtime smelled fab. Chicken, potatoes, salad, and cheesecake. Yummy yummy yum! Today’s fair was busier and it was on home turf, so I was saying hello to lots of friends and to new people, of course. The nice people at the Sainsbury’s stand gave me a toy banana to play with, I tried to eat it and was disappointed to find it didn’t taste of anything. One of the investment banks was giving out fortune cookies, and I got a little bit, mum’s colleague Patrice laughed so much as I was so thrilled to get it! And what did it say inside the cookie? ‘When you see what you want, go and get it.’ Hehehe.

We were so tired when we got back that we had to sit down for a cup of tea and a cuddle. A cuddle turned into a mini nap ….

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Mum’s going to a Halloween fancy dress party and is going as a witch, she’s going to look like this….

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Then she spotted some pet costumes…… UH OH! Is it time to leave home?

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You’ve been lassooed! – moi?!!!! I’m way too soft to make a good sheriff.

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Hmmm…. Superman. I’m a super dog but think Superman is pushing it a bit. Mum thinks this describes me to a T. She definitely thinks I’m a hero.

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Here’s the Zorro costume. I’ve been on TV before, on the Richard Hammond 5 O’Clock Show last year. But come on, Zorro? *snigger*

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Then there’s Buzz Lightyear. Can I fly? Nope. And I’d have an even harder time trying to avoid getting trapped between the tube doors on the underground with all this gear on.

And then there’s the scary Halloween ones….

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The devil costume. Not me at all. Even mum agrees on this one!

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Bewitched? I certainly am! Hmm…. try again mum.

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This is mum’s favourite, Corpse Bride.


This is truly the Nightmare Before Christmas!

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I went for my twice-yearly checkup and my doggy doctor says

* I’m too fat

* My teeth need cleaning

* I’ve got arthritis

The doggy doctor gave me lots and lots of cuddles, and then I got a great big biscuit. My favourite person! My favourite person! He made mum laugh when he told her that he’s never seen a dog that’s so hooman. Oh, I’m definitely all dog!! He said he’s never seen a dog make so much direct eye contact. Well, that’s how I get all the attention and treats, I’ve worked it all out you see!

But Mum is not a happy bunny. Neither am I. She’s put me on a diet now! I need to lose 400 grams which I think is about a tin of food.

The arthritis is worrying her. I’ve got a glucosamine supplement to eat with my food. Apparently I’m not allowed to jump, no more twisting or crazy play. So what am I supposed to do with my ball?

On a diet and no ball.
Not. Happy. At. All.

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The Chinese Moon Festival is on the 15th of the 8th lunar month – it has just been celebrated in London’s Chinatown. It’s also known as the Mid-autumn Festival. Chinese culture is deeply embedded in traditional festivals. Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving in the West, the Moon Festival is one of the most important traditional events for the Chinese.

The Moon Festival is full of legendary stories. Legend says that Chang’e flew to the moon, where she has lived ever since. You might see her dancing on the moon during the Moon Festival. The Moon Festival is also an occasion for family reunions. When the full moon rises, families get together to watch the full moon, eat moon cakes, and sing moon poems. With the full moon, the legend, the family and the poems, you can’t help thinking that this is really a perfect world. That is why the Chinese are so fond of the Moon Festival.

Mum took me to Chinatown to experience the event. It wasn’t as big as we expected, so we were somewhat disappointed. It was quite busy and the atmosphere under the pretty red lanterns was a jolly one. I got lots of attention from passersby *smirk*

Many restaurants had open kitchens and we watched chefs prepare meals next to the large windows, where all sorts of meat was hanging up ready for consumption. There were many street food vendors, it made a nice change from Western style eating. All food is good to me!

Mum went to a Chinese bakery and tried different pastries. She bought a mixed nut mooncake which cost a steep £5, and shared it with her friends for good luck. I got some too! It was scrummy!

One type of traditional mooncake is filled with lotus seed paste. A word of caution: the salty yolk in the middle, representing the full moon, is an acquired taste. Here’s a mooncake recipe if you want to try making some.

Martial art displays added to the colourful occasion.

We caught the dragon which was guarded by police. It made its’ way to a restaurant for lunch – spot the cabbage!

A very nice festival. As we made our way home, we spotted a parked car ….. yep, parking spaces *are* getting more difficult to find these days!

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