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Just keep on snowing

I love the snow! We’ve had lots of snow this week. When there’s enough snow for me to roll around in, I’m happy. Mum got me a red coat for christmas, just for this kind of weather. What do you think? People keep stopping us when I wear this, to tell mum how cute I look. She says she feels like a groupie and I’m the rock star. You can hardly fail to notice me in bright red though! But please, mum, don’t buy me any wellingtons like my friend Penny has.  (They are a girly thing.)


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Happy New Year!

Here’s wishing you…

A happy new year,
A life of good cheer,

Dog biscuits galore,
Toys from the pet store.

Lots of kisses from me xxxxx

And –
May biscuits appear,

Along with my beer!
(Thank you Debra! – it’s lovely) xx

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Mum took me sailing last weekend. We sailed a Laser Stratos which is quite a small boat. I wore my lifejacket which mum got years ago from Marine Scene. It’s very comfortable and has a strap handle on the top so mum can swing me into and out of the boat, and lift me out of the water if I fall in.


It was a lovely day and just right for sailing. I wasn’t too keen on the rocking motion of the boat and all the ropes, and there wasn’t much room for me. When we went faster (the wind was 8, quite breezy) I got scared and jumped onto mum’s lap. I couldn’t stop shaking. Mum cuddled me for the rest of the trip, which helped a bit. Cuddles are always good. There was just soooo much water!


At last, we docked. Mum lifted me out of the boat and I ran around to the edge of the water and waded in. Mum just cracked up laughing.

My favourite bit was when we went back to the clubhouse for a drink. The chef gave me some sausages. Mmmmmm!

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Mum has bought me some shiny new bling. Yippee. It’s even in the shape of my favourite thing, a biscuit. Cool, innit? I think it’s better than mum’s bling.


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Mum spotted this, the Muksak. It’s to dump my doings in when we are on a long walk and we want to be nice to the countryside.

Phew. With all my accessories, I’m so pleased that mum has got strong arms. She’s been eyeing up the doggy backpack in the local pet boutique…. no thanks, mum!

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