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Peg leg


I’ve been at home all day. Mum took me into work but I was practically crawling along the pavement and I was holding my leg up as I couldn’t put any weight on it, so she took me home to rest. After calling me a pirate.

We went to the park yesterday and had a lovely time. It was so sunny, our first proper sunny weekend this year. I was chasing my ball for 2 hours, and it was a half hour walk to the park, so I really had a lot of exercise. And a lot of fun. Too much of both, really. Mum says I look like I’ve run a Marathon, as I’m moving so slowly. I feel like I’ve run a Marathon. So I stayed in mum’s bed all day and snuggled up in her duvet.


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Mum and I are really NOT happy about this new Rent-a-Dog service that’s hopped over from the USA. It’s not fair to the dog. It’s all about the hooman’s needs. But what about the dog’s needs? A dog needs a stable, loving home. A routine that it can feel safe in. Not shunting about between different families.

Dogs are as intelligent as a three year old. Rent-a-Child, anyone?

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Chocolate cake


Cake cake cake. I just love cake. There are lots of birthdays coming up soon and I’m looking forward to the celebrations and hopefully getting some cake.

Hurmine had left a bowl of chocolate cake on her desk. I overheard her tell mum how she came back and the cherry on top was missing. And some of the cake. She just couldn’t understand it. Mum went red and started laughing. Hurmine said she had put the bowl at the back of her desk, and mum said it doesn’t really make any difference, I will still try my best to get it. Luckily, the lovely Hurmine forgave me.

Chocolate cake. Mmmm, don’t you just love it?

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Mum took me to a primary school to explain to the students how I help her and what a difference I’ve made to her life. She spoke to 500 students throughout the day, delivering lots of workshops and answering everyone’s questions with David’s help. Some of the questions were really good, they showed the students were really thinking through what being deaf means. Mum’s favourite question (and mine) was “Why is your dog so beautiful?”. Here are a couple of photos from the day – here I am being mobbed! Every single person wanted to pat me.


It was a mainstream school and there is a deaf unit within the school. The students are integrated into mainstream education as appropriate. All around the school were large posters of the fingerspelling alphabet and a lot of the hearing children knew some sign language – mum was very impressed with that. Here’s the teacher David with 3 of his deaf students.


We had a really great day and they very kindly gave us some wine and dog treats. My tail hasn’t stopped wagging all day.

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Puppy love


It’s not just people that love cute dogs. Apparently, so do cats!

Robbie has a new best friend, his new roomie who’s a Bengal cat. Robbie’s dad says Robbie has really calmed down since kittie arrived, Robbie just adores her, and they even sleep together in his bed. Ahhhhhh.

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Noodle bars


Mum loves noodle bars. She’s always popping into one and having something that smells delicious. I find it really hard to sit and act like the well-trained dog I should be. So mum usually ends up, after I’ve done some dancing around, putting her fleecy coat on the hard floor so I can snuggle up and dream about what she’s eating.

We usually go to our favourite noodle bar, Hare & Tortoise – it’s much better than Wagamama. It’s a favourite because they serve huge portions and mum says the food is really really good. The staff even ask if they can have their photos taken with me. Her favourites are tori katsu and curry laksa – mum’s going to try to make them at home. Just look at the recipes, they’re so long!

Recipes for tori katsu & curry laksa

We tried another noodle bar yesterday. We were hungry after watching a film at the cinema, so we went to Miso. The staff immediately told us to leave when they saw me. Mum explained I’m a Hearing Dog and they agreed to let us in, as I had my coat on so they had no choice really. The food seemed much healthier than at the Hare & Tortoise. Mum had crispy duck and pancakes which I tasted too, it was soo good. Then she had chicken noodle soup, it was much less greasy than the Hare’s laksa and there weren’t as many ingredients in it, but it was still good. The white wine tasted like vinegar so mum sent that back and got red, which was a little better.

We went to a nearby cafe to have cheesecake and milkshakes which were excellent. The place was busy and friendly as usual, but it was messy as hell with papers and used plates & cups everywhere. Mum embarrassed me by telling Viki what happened the last time we hit this place for coffee and cake. Mum had just picked up her order and sat down on one of the bar stools near the cake counter. She was busy talking and then turned round to see me munching away. Obviously (luckily for me), a huge piece of chocolate cake had fallen off the high counter and onto the floor, and I didn’t hesitate. Mum & Jane laughed so hard as I had this huge piece of cake wedged in my mouth and most of it was sticking halfway out of my jaws. But not for long!

I was so glad to get home last night and get my dinner, after watching mum eat her way through hers! Maybe I should develop a taste for noodles….

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Mum spotted this, the Muksak. It’s to dump my doings in when we are on a long walk and we want to be nice to the countryside.

Phew. With all my accessories, I’m so pleased that mum has got strong arms. She’s been eyeing up the doggy backpack in the local pet boutique…. no thanks, mum!

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It’s the season for us to show off and show what we can do. Here are details of the Hearing Dogs Demo Roadshow.

Cambridgeshire. 25th May. Newmarket Race Day.

Buckinghamshire. 8th June. Hearing dogs Summer Fayre, Saunderton.

Worcestershire. 13-15th June. The Malvern 3 Counties Show.

Cornwall. 15th June. Lusty Glaze Challenge Event, Newquay.

Oxfordshire. 25-27th July. CLA Game Fair, Blenheim Palace.

Berkshire. 2nd August. The Wag & Bone Show, Windsor Great Park.

Kent. 13th September. Paws In The Park, Paddock Wood.

London. 8-9th November. Discover Dogs, Earls Court.

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Summer Fayre


Every two years, the charity ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’ have a summer fayre at the main training centre in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire. This year’s event is on 8 June.

Mum was amazed when we went to visit, because it’s like a five star hotel. They have EVERYTHING. The residents even get a regular top to toe pampering treatment with all the mod cons …. except toast.

There will be lots of entertaining events at the fayre, such as agility races and dog dancing, and they will have demonstrations of a Hearing Dog at work. When we visited the fayre, I walked away with 3 prizes from the dog show. Mum was laughing when the judge came round to look at us. We were lined up in a row, all sitting nicely by our mums and dads, facing the front…. except for me. I was sitting facing mum and refused to turn round to face the judge. I was awarded First prize for the dog with the most beautiful eyes (of course), First prize for the waggiest tail (my special 270 degree / 100mph wag), and Second prize for the judge’s favourite dog in the show (wow). Mum was sooo proud of me. She says it doesn’t matter what prizes I win or don’t win, she still thinks I’m the best.

Hearing Dogs hope to sign up new volunteer socialisers on the day and they are still looking for local people to help with this vital foundation to the hearing dogs’ training. Call them on 01844 348105 to find out more or email them at info@ hearingdogs.org.uk to find out more.

See you at the Summer Fayre!

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