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Marks & Spencer

We went into a London branch of M&S as mum was peckish (again! – she’s getting too much like me). The shop was small and a bit busy. It was one of those tiny branches that only sell food. Mum was standing by the sandwich shelves when this young shop assistant came charging up to her.

– Excuse me! No dogs are allowed in here! We only allow guide dogs!

A split second later, the security guard was standing at mum’s shoulder. He said

– He’s a Hearing Dog.

The shop assistant apologised and went off. Can you believe it? The security guard knew the law?! And he stood up for us?! WOW. That’s a first. Mum always gets hassle from security guards so she made sure to thank him nicely.

We continued to browse and walked to the end of the aisle, to see the aforementioned shop assistant standing there staring at mum and whispering to her colleague. OH YEAH….. *that* one again.

Huh. Hoomans!

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