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Deafax puppies

This Christmas, Deafax have created a fun video Christmas message using a colleague’s puppies called ‘A Puppies 1st Christmas’. It is completely free for you, but the company ChristmaSee has pledged 10p to Deafax each time someone views the video card.

To view the message:

1. Click on this link

2. Click on the Christmas Pudding to register for free, please select Deafax as one of your chosen charities and then we will receive 10p.

3. Once you have registered, look in your received files column and click and select the one entitled ‘deafax’.

4. Click play to see the puppies!

You can also record and send your own video message and by selecting Deafax as your chosen charity, they will also get 10p every time you send a message. If your friends do the same they will be rolling in 10ps!!

Deafax wish you all a fantastic Christmas and New year.

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Birthday Dog

Happy birthday to me, it’s my birthday and that means TREATS!! I’m 8 today. Mum just can’t believe it.

The lovely hoomans at work gave me a surprise party. I got some yummy chicken strips…. and um.. a huge rawhide bone, I took a liking to that straight away … and a big box of my favourite cookies … and a box of treats for my arthritic knees – otherwise known as doggie bus pass! Best of all were the cards I got. I got a very cute one from Auntie Karen …


and a FAB handmade one from the hoomans at work! Look!


On the inside is all the love they have for me….


The poem says –

Smudge the dog, we love you so
With your tail wagging to and fro
A cuddle from you makes us feel ok
So we wish you a very happy birthday!

Isn’t that sweet! I’m so lucky I work with such lovely hoomans.
You can cuddle me anytime 🙂

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It’s a stick-up!

Mum caught me dreaming of cowboys and indians ….


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