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Salads to go-go

We popped into Marks & Spencer today to get some salad (for mum). We’ve been into this particular branch lots of times, and it’s mostly ok, we’ve only been stopped once recently.

We got stopped today by security. This wasn’t the nice security hooman who stepped in the last time we got stopped. This was somebody younger with a smirk on his face. He said,

– We don’t allow dogs in the shop.

He was right in mum’s face and she wasn’t happy. Invading her personal space and all that, and almost stepping on my toes as well! She explained the situation and he didn’t believe her so she asked for the manager. The manager was standing right behind her and she explained my rights to him. He didn’t believe her either.

All the customers were listening in as she explained there are six different types of assistance dogs in the UK, that they are allowed in all public places by law. They still didn’t believe her.


Mum saw red.

She got loud. Really loud. I put my paws on her, to calm her down, and kept them there, so she’d remember I’m there for her.

One customer stepped in and backed her up. They clearly still didn’t believe her. She got out my cards –

One is my ID card – as you can see here,


it says I’m a proper Hearing Dog, and not a fake (there are a few fakes around, believe it or not). See how slim I look in the photo, it was taken when I was two.

My other card is from the Institute of Environmental Health, which says

    ‘The Institute of Environmental Health Officers. Hearing Dogs are allowed entry to restaurants, food shops and other food premises. Their very special training means that they are not a risk to hygiene in such premises.’


Mum showed them to the manager and told him to read them.

He apologised. Mum told him not to stop her in the shop again, she’s been stopped too many times. He passed my cards back to her and she gave them to the security hooman, and told him to read them. In a “I’m not taking any crap” voice.

The little security hooman then piped up.

– Why do you have this dog?

Mum explained she can’t hear the fire alarms and I’m trained to tell her when it goes off.

So now she has to explain why she has me with her? I thought that was quite rude. None of his business really is it!

She dumped the salads and we walked out. But we’ll be back. Today’s Friday and mum just wants a break.

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We wanted to get home and called a cab. As mum was about to get in, the cabbie said

– You’re very lucky that I’m taking you. The other drivers wouldn’t.

What? WHAT?!!!

Mum demanded an explanation. He said they wouldn’t like a dog in their car. It’s their car. But HE is allowing me in his car. It’s a favour. So we’re very lucky that he’s taking us.

So he’s doing us a favour. Oh. Well, that’s all right then!

She asked him what if she was black, would he still say he was doing us a favour by taking us in his cab and that we are very lucky to be given a ride. He totally missed the point, didn’t understand this at all.

You should’ve heard the argument mum had with him. She was livid. She went on and on and on.

She told the cabbie to go to hell and took me back inside. Just as well, because I was shaking. The cab company sent another driver, who kept apologising and he wouldn’t even take mum’s fare. He was so nice, and said he knows his colleague was wrong. We should be getting the same service as everybody else, be taken to where we want to go, not be told we’re only getting a ride because it’s a favour.

Grrrr grrr grrrr. Mum says I should’ve bitten his ankles.

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A blind couple in the West Midlands called a taxi firm (ABS Aldridge) after their daughter’s wedding and were refused a taxi. When Paul & Susan Nicholls rang again, they were asked to pay a charge of more than double the fare for a minibus. I’m sure that totally ruined their day. I hate it when it happens to mum and me. I remember one taxi driver told mum to put me in the boot otherwise he wouldn’t take her booking.

The owner of ABS Aldridge, Suhil Dad, “tried” to find out who asked them to pay such a hefty charge, and he failed. How can a company boss not know who’s manning the calls, especially for a taxi firm? Or am I stupid? He was fined £665 for breaking the law. Serves him right.

I really hope this taxi firm have learned their lesson. We still have problems with our local taxi firm, even though they have been told more than once about my legal rights and their legal responsibilities. Some people don’t listen very well, do they?

So who’s being deaf now?

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