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Train rides

I love travelling and particularly long journeys by train, as mum always makes sure I get a seat by the window. (Not sure my trainers would approve though!) As a working Hearing Dog, I don’t have to pay to travel, so I make the most of this perk. I get a great view, a comfy seat, and mum’s coat to snuggle into. Here I am, on my way to sunny Bournemouth. Train travel rocks!


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Mum and her colleagues have a new name for me.


Hmm. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

This morning mum was laughing as she arrived at work and she told Kathy why. We had been awake since 4am and so we were a bit tired on the tube on the way to the office. I decided to turn the charm on full blast. I licked every passenger’s hand, foot, and leg if it was showing. I rubbed against their legs. I looked at them with my big eyes. I swished my tail back and forth in big sweeping waves. I snuck under people’s elbows and knees for a pat on the head. I didn’t leave anyone out. Everyone was smiling at me and at mum. It makes for a good change from sitting pretending everyone else doesn’t exist.

*big grin*

It’s easy to get attention when you know how. Just turn on the charm and talk with your eyes.

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We wanted to get home and called a cab. As mum was about to get in, the cabbie said

– You’re very lucky that I’m taking you. The other drivers wouldn’t.

What? WHAT?!!!

Mum demanded an explanation. He said they wouldn’t like a dog in their car. It’s their car. But HE is allowing me in his car. It’s a favour. So we’re very lucky that he’s taking us.

So he’s doing us a favour. Oh. Well, that’s all right then!

She asked him what if she was black, would he still say he was doing us a favour by taking us in his cab and that we are very lucky to be given a ride. He totally missed the point, didn’t understand this at all.

You should’ve heard the argument mum had with him. She was livid. She went on and on and on.

She told the cabbie to go to hell and took me back inside. Just as well, because I was shaking. The cab company sent another driver, who kept apologising and he wouldn’t even take mum’s fare. He was so nice, and said he knows his colleague was wrong. We should be getting the same service as everybody else, be taken to where we want to go, not be told we’re only getting a ride because it’s a favour.

Grrrr grrr grrrr. Mum says I should’ve bitten his ankles.

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A blind couple in the West Midlands called a taxi firm (ABS Aldridge) after their daughter’s wedding and were refused a taxi. When Paul & Susan Nicholls rang again, they were asked to pay a charge of more than double the fare for a minibus. I’m sure that totally ruined their day. I hate it when it happens to mum and me. I remember one taxi driver told mum to put me in the boot otherwise he wouldn’t take her booking.

The owner of ABS Aldridge, Suhil Dad, “tried” to find out who asked them to pay such a hefty charge, and he failed. How can a company boss not know who’s manning the calls, especially for a taxi firm? Or am I stupid? He was fined £665 for breaking the law. Serves him right.

I really hope this taxi firm have learned their lesson. We still have problems with our local taxi firm, even though they have been told more than once about my legal rights and their legal responsibilities. Some people don’t listen very well, do they?

So who’s being deaf now?

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