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Vote for vets


Petplan have some awards up for grabs for your favourite vet, vet practice, or vet nurse. Go on, get voting!

Petplan Veterinary Awards 2012

(You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I have had to type the word vetinarary veterinary … can’t spell this one!)

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A break from work

Smudge had a wee break from work when mum went into hospital again ~

Smudge has managed to knock his ball into next doors garden and now hes lying on the cool, tiled kitchen floor taking it easy… l’m giving him plenty of water and when we returned from the hosp. l gave him a light spray of h2o and put the fan on. You need to raise your game to keep up with me! M

Hurrah! lm quite impressed actually, that you re up to texting so soon – l thought that between the hunger, the headache and the nausea you wouldnt be texting anyone! How are you feeling? Was the op a success, or did they remove your wisdom teeth by mistake? Smudge and l are playing ball in the garden. We’ve been playing nearly an hour and he really seems to enjoy it! (we got it back off the neighbours) M

Thats it! After 55 mins playing ball, Smudge has taken refuge in the house, leaving me in the garden. M

Who’s old – the surgeon or Smudge? l think our canine friend has acquitted very well actually. We have resumed play and l love the concentration Smudge displays as he tenses in anticipation of the throw. Then he chases the ball, brings it back to me, and we do it another 5,000 times, and he loves it! Hope you’re enjoying the oromorph – its pretttaaay good stuff! M

Now you tell me! Hes been leaping around a bit this afternoon and now we’re heading round the block. Spike Milligan used to live near here and me + Smudge are going to track him down! Have they offered you toast yet? M

Bon apetite mon petite blancmonge! We’re just in the door and l’m preparing dinner. Microve indian for me (only the best…), Winalot + biscuits for Smudge. The food prep would proceed much faster if he didn’t keep bringing his ball into the kitchen, dropping it at my feet and staring at me! M

That’s great Tina! l gave Smudge some ice cream on our walk and he seemed to enjoy it. He subjected almost every pillar, post and tree to extensive examination and marked his territory every 10 yards! M

We’ve dined in the garden and l gave Smudge seconds because he ate his meal in 2 mins, then stood beside me, staring up at me as l ate my curry (which was surprisingly tasty actually). He then engaged in some very expressive whimpering before stalking off. He’s probably online updating his dog-blog. M

He certainly is! l’m washing the dishes right now while S. is relaxing on the sofa watching TV. Remind me again- WE’RE meant to be the dominant species, right? M

(You’re not getting him hooked on Star Trek are you, now?! – Tina)

Nah, hes studying the BBC news intently. He s very interested in current affairs you know. particularly the situation in Africa. You can see it in his eyes… What time would you like us to take you home tmw? M

Absolutely no problem at all Tina – you take your time and let me know when you’re ready. The local tabby came by, meowed at me a little and was about to join me in the garden when Smudge padded out to have a drink. You should have seen tabbies face! He was not pleased. He retreated to the neighbours roof and surveyed Smudge with wary distaste… M

Glad l’m keeping you amused Tina! Strangest thing – l’ve put Smudges blanket on the floor, but he’d rather lie BESIDE it. He must relish the cool. He loves the sofa though. He’s extremely comfortable laying on the big cushions. We’ll be going to bed soon and will cordially invite Smudge to water the lawn one last time – any hints? M

Open window it is! l love an open window myself, but have been wary of doing that in the new house, but with the fierce Smudge in the room we should be fine. l will sing ‘Outside’, and might even cock my leg and show him as its done! ls there any particular tune l should use? M

Smudge just gave me a dirty look, sighed, and lay his head on the cushion. l think he wants to go to bed. M

We’re just having breakfast and Smudge is in fine fettle. He gave me a hard time 30 mins ago. whimpering and turning in circles, but a quick game of ball + a hearty meal restored his spirits! Do you need a rain coat Tina? Today’s gonna be a wet one! M

Possibly Tina! The cooking timer went off while playing ball last night and l looked at Smudge, expecting him to go frantic. Instead he looked me in the eye and growled – Just throw the damned ball ok? And l thought he was a professional… We should be ok, weather-wise, but l’ll bring a jacket for you. M

Smudge is a fun guest to have round, though most guests don’t insist on going to bed with me (that was hilarious!). M

(and yes – I did get Smudge back in the end!)

– Put the loudspeakers on so you can hear the running commentary – very Irish, very greyhound racing, very well done!

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A lady in Georgia USA has cats who act in a similar way to a hearing dog. Cats are smart, too!

Read about it here.

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