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Smart Smudge

Note from mum –

Smudge proved to me yet again today, how smart he is. (Although, I always knew. He just likes to remind me now and again.)

We have a fire alert system at work. It’s slightly different from most public fire alert systems. Okay – it’s waaaayy different. Smudge has been trained to alert me to a bell sound, which is the traditional fire alert sound. Our fire alert system doesn’t work like that. Instead, we have a tannoy system. A voice announces there is a cause for alarm. It might say it’s a practice, it might say it’s a warning, we are not sure if there actually is a fire yet. It might say, evacuate the building immediately as there’s a fire. All pretty useless to a deaf employee! It’s a voice but I can’t understand what it says – it sounds just like baby talk!

The fire alert went off today at 6.30pm. Smudge took one look at me and threw himself at me. I asked him ‘What is it?’ and he hugged the floor to show there is danger. He knew there was something wrong…. what a smart dog! He got a biscuit. Then he did it again. Another biscuit. Then again. And again. And again ….. he knew a good thing when he saw it! My colleagues put their heads round the door and told me it was just a warning, there might be a fire. It turned out there was no fire.

Smudge demonstrated his smartness again this evening. (He’s on a mission.)
I was sitting at my computer at 11PM and the door was shut. Smudge was asleep. Or so I thought. I heard this scratching noise. Smudge was scratching on the door to be let in, so he could go get a drink of water. Attaboy!

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