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Scissors and stitches

It’s been a hairy January. Mom and dad went to Bruges and left me behind. But I had a great break in the country with the ducks on the farm.

Mum was worried about a lump she found on my ear, as it had grown bigger over christmas. There was one on my side too. She took me to see the doctor and she found 4 lumps in total, so I was booked in to have them removed. Mum cried when she saw me, and I was whining for days afterward. I really hated wearing the satnav dish again. A rumour was going around that I was only doing this for attention, as dad had an operation too. Hmm…

The results have come back and they are all benign. Phew! Mum is so relieved. She has found another lump but says that one is staying put. I’m still wearing my raincoat as mum can pull it up tight round my neck to stop me scratching at my stitches. Can’t wait for that to come off too! That makes two of us .. Nyx isn’t too happy either at getting her long coat shorn off. She feels bald .. which is not a great look for a girly girl. (We blame dad for that one!)

My side ..

My ear ..

My neck ..

But I’m resting and getting better, the smiles are coming back 🙂

Nyx is still sulking though :-/

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