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This is how I try to trip up clients when they visit mum’s office. Tee hee.

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Big boys and their toys


Mum knows I like my toys, just like any other fella around here.

But – not in the office! The office is supposed to be for work! But silly me, I got caught red handed.

Kathy’s door is always open so I always like to pop in and say hello. Or just lick her hands. Whatever. She had left her backpack on the floor and I took a peek. I saw some lovely colourful balls inside and just couldn’t resist them. They smelled nice too, like mum’s fruit bowl. I shoved my nose in, got them out, and was having a great time throwing them up and down the corridor when mum spotted me flashing past her doorway, back and forth, and came out to see what I was doing.



Kathy wasn’t impressed when mum told her.


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New bins

Mum’s new office is a super-duper modern building, lots and lots of glass walls – even the elevators are made of glass. I had a great time riding up and down in them all day, looking out to see what was happening. Mum’s friend Julia covered her eyes, she couldn’t bear to look. On one floor they had 2 palm trees and a pool, how cool is that? Even cooler, they have their own chef on the premises. He bakes cookies every morning and I tried so hard to get one off the side board when mum had her coffee and cookie. Don’t they look sooo good?


Everyone is sooo nice and friendly, people keep popping in to say hello to me. I wandered into one of the lawyer’s offices and mum had to find me and drag me out. His bin had something nice in it. She made sure I was tied up after that *pouts*

At lunchtime we went to a tiny park just around the corner in Finsbury Circus. It’s hard to believe there is actually a park in the middle of the city.

Copyright © English Heritage.NMR

Only assistance dogs are allowed into this park. It’s the oldest public park in London and dates back to 1606. Wow. It’s 402 years old! Click HERE to see a panoramic view of the park. The bowling green has been there since 1904 – I wasn’t allowed onto it, what a shame, all that lovely green grass! After a nice walk, we went back to the office for lunch in their cafe. I was eyeing up the sandwich counter but didn’t get anything. At least I got a few pats from the caterer.

Mid afternoon, Jillian popped out to get coffee and came back with chocolate chip cookies – my favourite! my favourite! I sat and watched her and mum eat them. They looked so yummy. I made sure to go straight for Jillian’s bin when mum untied me at home-time. I got my jaws round the cookie wrappers – Jillian fought to get them off me while mum fell about laughing. She can’t believe how greedy I am.

I love new offices – more people to meet and greet, more bins to inspect. Hurrah!

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