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Mum took me to a primary school to explain to the students how I help her and what a difference I’ve made to her life. She spoke to 500 students throughout the day, delivering lots of workshops and answering everyone’s questions with David’s help. Some of the questions were really good, they showed the students were really thinking through what being deaf means. Mum’s favourite question (and mine) was “Why is your dog so beautiful?”. Here are a couple of photos from the day – here I am being mobbed! Every single person wanted to pat me.


It was a mainstream school and there is a deaf unit within the school. The students are integrated into mainstream education as appropriate. All around the school were large posters of the fingerspelling alphabet and a lot of the hearing children knew some sign language – mum was very impressed with that. Here’s the teacher David with 3 of his deaf students.


We had a really great day and they very kindly gave us some wine and dog treats. My tail hasn’t stopped wagging all day.

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