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Mum took me sailing last weekend. We sailed a Laser Stratos which is quite a small boat. I wore my lifejacket which mum got years ago from Marine Scene. It’s very comfortable and has a strap handle on the top so mum can swing me into and out of the boat, and lift me out of the water if I fall in.


It was a lovely day and just right for sailing. I wasn’t too keen on the rocking motion of the boat and all the ropes, and there wasn’t much room for me. When we went faster (the wind was 8, quite breezy) I got scared and jumped onto mum’s lap. I couldn’t stop shaking. Mum cuddled me for the rest of the trip, which helped a bit. Cuddles are always good. There was just soooo much water!


At last, we docked. Mum lifted me out of the boat and I ran around to the edge of the water and waded in. Mum just cracked up laughing.

My favourite bit was when we went back to the clubhouse for a drink. The chef gave me some sausages. Mmmmmm!

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