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Meet Smudge

Smudge, one year old

I know. Ahhhhh. What a beautiful dog. I’m a cocker poo, cocker spaniel and poodle cross. And I’ve got Tina for my mum….. she grew up totally scared of dogs! Meeting me has changed her attitude 🙂

(Mum says – If Smudge was human, he’d be forever regaling the pub regulars with his tall ‘tails’ and funny stories, nipping off for a quick sail down the coast and a dip in the sea. This dog LOVES the water, can’t get him out! He’s even got his own lifejacket heh heh. At the seaside, I have to wade into the water to drag him out)

Here I model my swanky lifejacket, just for you.

But mum, where's the water?

I’m a type of assistance dog called a Hearing Dog, I’m trained to tell mum about lots of sounds around the office and home as she’s profoundly deaf. I tell her when the phone rings, or there’s someone at the door (or not! hehehe), and lots of other sounds, and I get rewarded with a biscuit for doing this. I’m really clever.

(Mum – A bit too clever! He has sussed out that he can blag it and maybe still get his biscuit, he can get really excited – there’s someone at the door mum, hurry up! quick! let’s go! c’mon! – I open the door, and there’s no one there……and it’s 3am. (‘Biscuit, mum?’ with such an innocent look) Hmmmmm. Smartass.)

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